Last video of Mexico!

I have finally wifi where I’m sleeping (in Isabela island in the Galapagos) so I’ve had my computer on now for a while… I’ve been uploading this video (2 minutes and 39 seconds) for… 4 hours now… yep!

But in case my computer get stolen or something, I have some videos online.

This one is from my last weeks in Mexico, from Tulum and Isla mujeres, mostly water activities.. :)

Mexico pt.3 from sofia armenteros on Vimeo.

Trying this video-thing…

Since I’ll be posting videos from the trip, I thought I’ll try  it out first.

I have created an account on Vimeo, where I will upload the videos . Apparently, since I have the free account, I have a waiting line for converting the video.. Only 15 minutes left now! (30 in the beginning). So.. now I know that I need plenty of time online next time I’ll try this!

I don’t have so many videos on my phone, this one is from work this summer in Sweden.
Let’s see if it gets embedded now.

YAY! It did.