Volunteering at Eco Truly Park

Yoga class in the morning at 7

Yoga class in the morning at 7

I started this morning with yet another good yoga session. Not as relaxing at yesterdays, because this was much more physic involved to bring up our chacras, but still good to do some exercise in the morning. After breakfast I worked in the garden, we dug holes and planted seeds, and I loved it!! Wow. Great weather and Rosario, the gardener, was really nice and relaxed. Compared to yesterday in the kitchen when I just felt like I was disturbing when I had to ask what to do all the time, I felt really comfortable here and I enjoyed the work. Also me and Leona got off around 12 instead of 13.30, quite nice, since it was a hot day and we were sweaty it was perfect to take a shower, because there is only cold water so it’s not as nice to do it at night, haha.

Once again I had a great lunch. I love that everything here is organic and vegetarian, and it’s done with love, and it’s even blessed, haha. I’m so damn happy that I don’t need to ask if there is any meat in the food, or fish or chicken, and still not really believe if they say there isn’t, haha. Here it’s always vegetarian!! And delicious! And also, I really enjoy being around other vegetarian people. Not all the volunteers are vegetarian, but some of us are, and all the devotes and the residents.  It’s so nice to be around people who understands you. It’s actually a quite weird feeling that I hadn’t thought of before, I guess I’ve just been used to defend myself and my thoughts all the time. But I really really enjoy being in a vegetarian community :)

Amazing landscape..

Amazing landscape..

After lunch we did a small excursion to some caves Francesco had visited before, we walked up the hills in the sand and down another hill. The smell is sooo bad close to the water sometimes, it’s like rotten eggs and rotten fish haha. We went into a hole in a cliff, and in another hole in that hole so we got to a really cool cave inside.

In a cave at the ocean

In a cave at the ocean

Group picture!

Group picture! Me, Daniel, Liona, Francesco, Amy and Silas

Very nice! After that we walked even further away to a beautiful view. It was a nice escapade :) We are a really nice gang here, I like everyone, I think people who comes to this place are special. Like Daniel from Denmark, it took one second to love him, he had such a good energy, he was like a big kid with a huge smile. There are some people you really like at the first second you see them, like Romanech in Holbox, Daniel here at Eco Truly..This world is filled with lovely people.

Amy is opening the champagne at her champagne birthday! Hehe

Amy is opening the champagne at her champagne birthday! Hehe

Our birthday party at the beach, with the full moon rising above the hills...

Our birthday party at the beach, with the full moon rising above the hills…

Today it’s one of the volunteers birthday, Amy. Francesco had made her a big birthday cake today when he worked at the kitchen, so sweet. It was delicious. She turns 27 on the 27th, and in Canada (where she’s from) it’s called the champagne birthday. So we went down to the beach and had some fire lit there and champagne, pisco, wine and some snacks, some music and just chilled out and got to know each other a little bit more. I have really chosen to be here at a week where there’s a lot of things going on, first the full moon party, today Amys birthday party, and apparently tomorrow since it’s easter there will be a lot of people coming to the beach and to Eco Truly Park, so this whole week will be special!

By the way, it’s sand everywhere here. In my bed, in all my clothes, in my ears, the bottom of my hair..you just never get rid of it. Haha.



My fears and worries

Counting down, 56 days to departure. I’m looking soooo much forward to it. Can’t stop thinking about it. But of course I do have some fears as well. Many of you have also asked me the same questions. So these are my worries and my thoughts about solutions.

vegetarian tempeh lettuce wraps

How am I going to survive over there as a vegetarian? Sweden is a quite good veggie-country, they always have a at least one vegetarian option in restaurants, and people are quite familiar with people being vegetarian (still, it’s quite boring to always have to eat the same vegetarian plate). While traveling I’ve always had problems. Like in Spain, very often I have to eat fried eggs and fries, because that’s the only vegetarian thing they have on the menu. Not even the salads are vegetarian. Now that I’ll be away for a long period, I can’t eat ”bad” food all the time. I will try buy food at the supermarket like all the time, mainly because I can’t afford eating at restaurants everyday, even if they had a veggie-option. Hopefully I will eat at least once in every city, inviting my CouchSurfing-host. I’ll update you about how it is to be a vegetarian in South America.

How am I going to be able to train while traveling? I’ve had problems with my back and with over weight before, and I since I’ll be traveling with my big backpack on the back, going on trekking excursions etc, I need to be in a good shape and be strong. I need to go for training at least 2-3 times a week.. I will try to do this: go out jogging (to see some beautiful sights), swimming (probably inside pool if there is one in that city) and doing strength training only working with my own body (so I can do it at ”home”).


What should I bring? I really don’t want to bring too much, but not to less, it’s always difficult to draw the line. I know I need a sleeping bag in Peru, but should I bring one during the first 2 months of my trip, or should I buy it when I need it, and then throw it away/give it away? I don’t know yet. But I think I’ll be bringing everything I need for 6 months, in ONE backpack. It has to fit in there. I want to be able to travel easily, be able to run to the bus if I need to without everything falling apart, haha. I will pack my bag over and over again before leaving. I’ll update you with a packing list, and later, what have worked and what has not.

Robbery not allowed

What if I get robbed? Surprise! South America isn’t as safe as in Sweden. Here it’s unusual that they even have weapons. I remember a conversation with another CouchSurfer from Argentina,and  he got really surprise that I’ve never been robbed with a weapon before. My camera and my phone has been stolen in different occasions, but by pocket picking, so I didn’t even notice it. I guess I prefer that sort of robbery. So what am I going to do to prevent it? First, I won’t be carrying around a big amount of money, so if there are thieves and they get 20 USD, then, what the heck. Also I have an undercover money belt and security pouches to have under my clothes.The biggest worry for me is to be robbed on my camera and all my pictures. So I’ll be backing up everything on-line as often as possible.  I’m aware of the common sense of traveling, if you aren’t, check this link about safe travel in South America from lonely planet. There are good tips there like try to not look like a tourist, more like a local, or a visitor. Walk with a purpose. Be aware of your surroundings all the times. Muggers look for people who look unaware. Stay alert.

Another big worry is of course, what happens if I get sick during my travel? I do have insurance though, but still I would miss out a lot if I got sick. I’ve taken all the vaccinations I need for the countries I’m visiting, and I recently had chicken pox, so now I don’t have to worry about that, haha. I also just got vaccine against this years flu. I will try to eat good food and eat extra vitamins and I’ll be listening to my body if I’m starting to get sick and need some rest.


What if I get tired? I don’t think I’ll get tired of traveling, but I’m worried I get tired of being social and ”on” all the time. I really have no idea of how it is to be on the move for 6 months meeting new people all the time and always have to present the best side of me. What if I need some time for myself to just do nothing? Go to sleep early, lie in a bed reading a book a whole day or sit by the computer uploading pictures and updating this blog. I don’t want to be impolite and I don’t want offend anyone, especially not my hosts from CouchSurfing. Let’s hope I get enough rest during the bus-trips!

I’m also worried about not be able to bring books with me, since I love reading. Maybe I can borrow one from a host while staying there. Oh, and another weird worry is, what if I’m having the time of my life and I don’t want to come back??? It’s very possible I will feel that. Well.. only future can tell!

Now I’ve shared some of my worries. Which are yours?