Beach volley and moderating travel gear

This weekend went really fast.

On Friday after work and fencing training I just went home and fall asleep. Yesterday, Saturday I was with the fencing family the whole day, starting with indoor beach volley and later home-made pizza at Carros place. It was a great day, lot’s of fun, but it also shortens the weekend with a day where you can’t do anything on your list.

Today I managed to run some errands, the things you do on weekends your know, I picked up stuff, returned other stuff,  washed the dishes, bought groceries, made food, cleaned my home, worked some with Filmfamiljen and also, finally, I have a shelf in the bathroom! (Thank you Carro (other Carro then the first one) and Bertil once again!)

I picked up these today!

They are called GoToob, which seems to be the ”new thing”. It’s patented soft bottle, and I have read a lot of reviews of them before I purchased them. I was looking for a solid tube that doesn’t leak, I really don’t want to open my bag and find it full of liquids.
Haven’t been traveling with them yet, but I’ve filled them up, squeezed and shaken, and no leaking! And I love that it’s made of soft silicone so it’s easy to squeeze.

The smaller sizes I bought of 60 ml also have a suction cup. The bigger ones of 80 ml don’t (I guess it would be to heavy). In the bigger ones I’ll have the irreplaceable creams I need to bring (subscription from doctor), and the smaller ones with replaceable creams (shampoo etc).

The GoToob has a large opening so it’s really easy to fill it with substances from other bigger bottles. If you like me have taken body lotion in your hair instead of shampoo or conditioner, this travel bottle has the solution – a content indicator in the cap! It has an inner ring with content indicators like Lotion, Shamp. Cond. Sun. Soap and a free space to write your own content. It also has a special ”no-drip” valve helps the cap stay clean and fresh.

When I put the GoToobs in my toiletry bag, I noticed that when I had the bag open but not hanged up, the upper section gets upside down and one of the pockets (the one at the top) doesn’t have any zipper so the content falls out. So I sew some Velcro fastener there. Very proud of myself. Now it’s great. I really like this bag, it’s small but a lot of stuff fit’s in there! It’s from Snugpack and it’s called Essential Wash Bag Olive.

Don’t want to get embarrassed during my travels. Hehe. Now it’s much better!
So, a tips if you are about to travel long-term, try everything before you depart!  It’s better to find out what works and what doesn’t when you are at home.

Well. That’s the updates.
Until next!