Fencing and couchsurfing in Rosario

I’ve been in Rosario the two past weekends. It’s only 2,5 hours away with bus from Santa Fe where I live, and relatively cheap to go there (one way 65 pesos, about 22 USD).

Rosario is Argentina’s third largest city after Buenos Aires and Cordoba. It belongs to the province Santa Fe, which Santa Fe is the Capital, but Rosario is much bigger. Some famous people who were born here is Che Guevarra and Lionel Messi.

Last weekend I went for the fencing tournament ”Panamericano”, which is the biggest one in Central and South America, with the best fencers from each country. I was there on Sunday, to see the woman’s epee. There weren’t many fencers or much public there, but my trainer Pedro said that it was full on Saturday when it was men’s foil. So epee isn’t that big, and neither women…

The semi-finals in womens epee

The semi-finals in womens epee

It was really fun to see epee again, I finally understand what’s happening! (I’m training a little bit of foil now in Santa Fe). But the level wasn’t thaaaat high either, I thought it was going to be. There were a few really good ones, like the winner, a girl from Chile, was extremely secure and won big time. But I wasn’t to impressed by the average level. One girl from Ecuador didn’t have any physical training, only technical. And they sent her, so she must be the best fencer from her country. So I guess women’s epee is not that big at all over here. Too sad. I would probably be ranked quite good here ;) Hehe.

Anyhow. Gisela came by, the girl from couchsurfing which lets me rent her apartment in Santa Fe while she has moved to Rosario. After the womans final we had some fun watching the mens sabre (they are crazy) and then we went out for a walk along the Parana-river in Rosario. It was a perfect day for that – so sunny and hot, and it was such a good vibe here in Rosario!

Rosario - high buildings behind and green park with a lot of picknick-people in front.

Rosario – high buildings behind and green park with a lot of picknick-people in front.

We visited a handicraft market, food market and designer clothes market, passed by a music band playing, a theatre in a park, people vending home-made stuff, people walking on lines between trees, people doing capoeira or people just sitting in the grass drinking mate. Such a niiiice relaxed happy feeling here.

People sitting and enjoying an open theatre

People sitting and enjoying an open theatre

I really thought this thing in the middle of the way was beautiful. :)

I really thought this thing in the middle of the way was beautiful. :)

Food market. Mmmmm!

Food market. Mmmmm!

Then it was time for me to take the bus home.

This weekend, me, Chechu, Eugenia and Veronica from Paraná went together to Rosario to visit Gisela and her new apartment. All the girls are from the couchsurfing group in Santa Fe! So nice.

We arrived mid-day on Saturday and went to our hostel – and already in the stairs on the way up we passed by like 15 young big rugby guys haha. This weekend it’s a big game here in Rosario with an Argentinian team and a Australian team.. And rugby it’s sooo big here, the second biggest sport after football! Weird. I haven’t even seen a rugby game in my life. Haha.

Well. We had some problems there since they had booked us for the 3rd instead of the 5th.. but they had sub-booked another hostel for us called ”Pachamama” much much calmer and safer. We were almost the only guests there too, we had a private room for ourselves and everything. :) We left our bags and since we were really hungry, we met up with Gisela at an Ecological/half vegetarian restaurant… and damn it was good, and so big plates too. Hehe.

Eating at a ecological restaurant - really good food. We were so hungry in this picture! Haha

Eating at a ecological restaurant – really good food. We were so hungry in this picture! Haha

After a few hours of talking, we passed by Giselas, filled the thermos with hot water and went to the costanera (the coastline), drank mate and enjoyed the last hours of sun.
Then we took a walk around the area and went to Giselas house to have some coffee before heading back to our hostel to shower and get ready for the night.

Having some mate and enjoying the last sun.

Having some mate and enjoying the last sun.

Group-picture in a really cool tree.

Group-picture in a really cool tree.

I love the trees - the sunset makes it even more pink!

I love the trees – the sunset makes it even more pink!

After the shower we went back to Giselas again to eat dinner – mmmmm yuuummy. She had prepared great vegetarian food (yes, both her, me and Chechu are veggies! Hurray!). We had Spanish omelette, bread and crackers with humus and another bean-sauce and then vegetarian hamburgers for dinner. All very healthy too compared to all the pasta and cream I’ve eaten lately. Of course we rounded up with Giselas lovely lemon pie.


Hahah... such a funny picture. We were going to take a group picture, but Chechu run a little bit late.... She looks so scary, and look at her hand!

Hahah… such a funny picture. We were going to take a group picture, but Chechu run a little bit late…. She looks so scary, and look at her hand!

After that we went out to a place what used to be something pub/restaurant/club or something, but tonight it was a club filled with 16-22 year old bimbo-girls and rugby-guys or something. Not really our style. But we had paid 50 pesos to get in, so we stayed for a while watching these creatures…  and I noticed that fashion from the 90s are back – high platforms “heel” and tight tops that shows both tits and belly…they look like spice girls haha (a little bit embarrassing). Then we went home around 3.30.

Out in the club. :)

Out in the club. :)

Next day we had breakfast at the hostel and checked out, went to Giselas to leave our bags and then walked around the coast again, visiting the markets and the “Monumento de las banderas” or as it is called in English “Argentinas National flag memorial”. Then we had a light late lunch (I love salad) at Giselas before heading back home at 18.

I really had a great weekend, and I really like Rosario. It’s nice to have some getaways sometimes to something different. :)

Breakfast at the hoste!

Breakfast at the hoste!

Escaping the sun under a really nice big tree.

Escaping the midday-sun under a really nice big tree.

Totally overgrown balcony. So beautiful!

Totally overgrown balcony. So beautiful!

Love these old clocks.

Love these old clocks.

Apparently the very common "drunken trees" (borrachos) here blooms with those white balls - feels like christmas!

Apparently the very common ”drunken trees” (borrachos) here blooms with those white balls – feels like it’s been christmas decorated!

The avocado-simular fruits there blooms to those cotton-like puffs. So wierd!

The avocado-simular fruits there blooms to those cotton-like puffs. Weird ”flower”.

The flag memorial monument!

The flag memorial monument!

And I noticed that I really miss the traveling, the hostels, the couchsurfing, the hanging out with other travelers, the walking, the discovering, the photographing… But I also really noticed how much I will miss Duilio when I leave. I mean, If I do it over a weekend.. how will I feel when I know we wont se each other for like 2 months?

It was hard the first time – when we left Mexico.., (after 3 weeks I knew I couldn’t wait 4 months so I booked an 2 months earlier flight). It was horrible the second time when I went to Bolivia (and noticed I wouldn’t enjoy being away 2,5 months, so instead I came back after a month) …. How will it be the third time?

Now that I’ve been here in Santa Fe for like 4 months,  I’m sort of tired of everything here, I don’t enjoy it as much as the first month, and I’m not very fond of the narrow-minded small village square-thinking they have here. (People actually stare at me on the street when I wear a cap and baggy jeans…)

So I just want to get away from here and I get excited when I plan about my trip to Brazil… but then it strikes my mind – and Duilio?? I know that I will have a horrible time when I’ll be away from my boyfriend. Like have I really thought this through?? Everything I do, see, feel, experience, I want to share with him. I’m not complete without him. Damn it. I’m such a mess. I’m not used to feeling like this!! I’m used to be totally independent and do everything how I want and when I want to. Well well. Guess that’s what people call love?… Haha. Anyways, I’m really looking forward to a future where we travel together aaaall the time.


Packing tips – Items I wouldn’t travel without

While being on the road for almost a year, my backpack has changed a few times. I’ve bought a few new things, and sent home some other things.

At least I noticed that I don’t need to have everything with me the whole time. It really depends on where you are going, if you are changing between different climates and temperatures. Most things you can buy along the way if you really need it, then you don’t have to carry it around the first time and it’s probably cheaper too.

I’ve been in warm and cold big cities, hot beaches with surf and scuba dive, high and cold mountain tops… And I’m glad I had something (not everything!) for every occasion with me. While traveling in hot summer climate, I really thought it was a waste of place to bring my fleece jacket everywhere – but I really needed it on the cold cold night bus journeys.

But maybe I wouldn’t have needed to bring a sleeping bag with me, because I only used it like 3 times during 8 months. It would probably have been better (lighter and less space) to just rent one when I needed it. I also brought my rain jacket with me, but I sent it back after 2 months because I hadn’t used it even once, and it was literally just a waste of space. Instead I bought a thin plastic rain poncho for 2 USD which was even better because I could have it over my backpack too, haha. Just something to keep in mind! Anyhow!

Here are some items I’ve used a lot and would never travel without, things I’m like “omg I’m so glad I brought this with me!” haha.

Macbook Air 13” – perfect travel computer, light and good enough for editing pictures and videos, writing blog entries, watching film and tv-series ;) A little to small hard-disk for storage, but it depends on how long time you are traveling. I know I couldn’t have been without a computer at least, but a lot of people travel without!

USB-memories – for storage.  I prefer USB memories to hard disks because I feel it’s less chance to break and also I don’t like to have everything in just one place. Generally for electronics the prices are getting lower and lower, but in under-developed countries it’s still the same prices as we had maybe 5 years ago.  (for example in Sweden a 16 gb USB memory costs the same today as a 8 gb USB memory costed a couple of years ago). So depending on where you are going, it might be cheaper or the same price in your own country!

panasoniclumixA waterproof camera – Panasonic Lumix FT3 Waterproof and Shockproof Digital Camera – at first I didn’t like this camera so much because everything is pretty much automatic, but I got to LOVE it. It has great quality, great futures and great colors, you barely need to edit them. Love that it’s shockproof (2 meters) and waterproof up to 12 meters (40 feet) and has  a GPS! Then you know at what height or depth you are in. Perfect for adventure tours, hiking, climbing, snorkeling, beach, rain!

ultra-silA foldable waterproof daypackSea to summit Ultra Sil Dry Day Pack – Perfect to bring with you, doesn’t occupy much space in the backpack but so useful. Not too comfortable when it’s heave, because of the thin strips, but it’s perfect as a daypack – also it’s waterproof so it’s perfect for surfing, snorkeling and scuba dive-trips, but also for the beach or when it’s raining. I’ve used it so much!


Flipflops – I bought mine for like 4 USD in Mexico and it’s the most used item I have. Sometimes you just don’t want to have the supercomfy and ugly teva-sandals or trekkingshoes, just easy flip flops to wear the beach, around the city, or just in the house or to the shower

Travel towel – I prefer the normal towers, but compared to the space it would occupy – not worth it! Also I use the towel as a “protector” from insight around my bed when I’m in hostels. (hate knowing people are watching me while sleeping haha) 


Light my fire – after 4 months it broke, so bring a couple of them! I used mine so much, sometimes if you bring your own meal/snacks on the bus ride, to the tour or to your room, and you really need a spoon or a fork for it. Perfect!!!


LeathermanA multi-tool – Leatherman. I’ve used mine so much!!  To cut up apples, open cans, open sodas, filing my nails, tighten loose screws, cut threads for the bracelets.. etc!


A couple of meters of thin rope
– To hang up washed clothes to dry, but also to hang my travel towel around my bed. Sometimes to tie something to my backpack. Very good to have! 

Head lamp – had a normal flash light in the beginning but bought a head torch for the Inca Trail. You usually need a flashlight and your hands free at the same time – like when packing or searching for something in the dark hostel room or hiking at night/early morning with hiking poles.

packing-cellsPacking cells – I just love them to organize my backpack. If I’m looking for something, I just have to take out the packing cells and open the one I know where my item is in. I always see other backpackers stuff laying around everywhere on their bed or on the floor, super chaotic unorganized. I like to have my stuff ready to go. I have one small for underwear and swimwear, a 2 L one for warm clothes/socks/union suit (which I never have to open in warmer countries), another 2 L one for my tops and t-shirts, and one 6L for pants, shorts, dresses, skirts and my fleece jacket.

Pad Lock – You will definitively need one or two. I have a cable lock pad – perfect for locking the backpack in plenty of spaces and also into a chair or a pole in the bus or the train. I also have a regular one for hostel lockers etc and for my daypack.

Foldable tooth brush
 – Takes less space and get’s less dirty! Works perfectly fine too!

A few clothing items I’ve used way to much and which is totally worth to have with you wherever you go –

A light cardigan/long-sleeved shirt – even in the hottest countries it sometimes get a little bit chilly. Also good to have a little protection against mosquitoes or direct sunlight. Sometimes you also need to cover your shoulders to enter a church.

Union suit – for cold nights and chilly bus rides. I used it as a pyjamas while sleeping in tents or in rooms where it was under 10*C inside at night. Not just an extra layer, but also perfect in the morning when you don’t want to put on freezing cold clothes direct on your body – just put the clothes on top of the union suit. Also on the damn cold super air-conditioned night buses between cities – would have died without it! And I even used it in the tropic jungle – it got a little chilly to sleep outside in the hammock!

Cap – When the sun is high and burning it really helps – especially to not be blinded by the sun but also to cool your head/hair a little bit. Also good to cover up your greasy and dirty hair when you haven’t been able to take a shower in a couple of days. And to have under your winter hat in sunny winter days.

For women:

Really light dress – For all occasions. Good to have to the beach above your bikini on your way there and from there, or when you are at home or at the hostel – takes 1 sec to put it on and it’s really comfy and light.  And also if you want to dress up a little bit in the city you can just add a belt or a necklace to it.

Leggings – Good to prevent mosquitoes, ticks and other insect bites at night and if it’s a little chilly and still want to have a skirt, or if it’s cold you can have them under your pants. Would never travel without leggings! 

Tampons – I actually brought a reeeally big pack with me (like 100) and I’m glad I did, because first of all, they don’t sell it every country/city, and at least in south America, where it’s not to common – it’s more expensive then in Sweden! And only boxes of 8 or something.

I hope this helps someone out there! (?)

Safety tips and how to avoid getting robbed

No place on the planet is completely free from safety risks, including your own home.” – the first lines on ”Stay Safe” on wikitravel.

And that’s true.  You might feel that the world out there is more dangerous and unsafe than at home, but in fact you are more likely to have problems at home then out traveling. In my very safe home country Sweden I’ve got robbed of two cameras and one iphone over the past years. During this year of backpacking in central and South America I’ve yet had no problems at all. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but maybe it’s because I’m more alert and “follow” a few common sense-rules.

Here are a few safety tips about how to avoid getting robbed:  

Be aware – I know you think you always are, but you’re probably not while sightseeing. Look around and trust your instinct. Be aware if someone is following you. Have you seen that man before today? Also, get familiarized with the common picket pocket tricks.

Don’t show off your values – don’t have your wallet in the back pocket, don’t walk around with your phone in the hand etc

Don’t have your backpack on the back in subways or crowded buses (if they aren’t locked). Hold it tight in your lap or on your belly.

 Lock your backpacks – Don’t make it easy. I have a small padlock on my daily backpack when I travel and I have an adjustable cable lock from Pacsafe on my big backpack.

Blend in – try not to look like a foreigner. It’s of course difficult if you are a white and blond girl in Kenya, but try not to look like a typical tourist with the hat and the camera around your neck. Don’t look like you have money. Try to look like you know your way around there. Avoid looking lost, even if you are. Don’t fold out a map when you are on the street. Ask a police officer, or walk into a store and ask for directions.

Keep a low profile – don’t draw unnecessary attention to you. Don’t wear jewelry, try not to talk louder than necessary in public – you probably have enough attention as it is just by being a foreigner.

Separate your sources of money – don’t have it all on you or in the same bag. If they steal something from you, don’t let them take everything. I actually have three different moneybelts when I travel with all my stuff (one around my neck with passport etc, one hanging from the belt inside my pants with money, and then what looks like a regular belt but has a small pocket inside where I keep safety money in case they rob me of everything (but my clothes, hopefully). Also, have a wallet with enough “daily” money to make robbers satisfied so they don’t come looking for more. When I’m out for the day I of course don’t bring all the money with me, I keep it in different pockets/places/bags at my accommodation.

Don’t walk alone at night – especially in narrow alleys, dark parks or poorly lit streets. Stick to public and well-lit areas.

Do not accept food or drinks from strangers – it can be spiced with drugs. Keep an eye on your own drinks and food aswell, never leave it unattended!

Know the area you’re traveling to – ask a local (hostel worker, host, friend etc) if there are certain neighborhoods notorious for crime.

Do not hail taxis from the street – call one in advance. If you have to hail in a taxi, choose wisely – only take taxis clearly identified with official markings and go with older drivers – they are more experienced, more reliable and less tempted to get quick money then the younger ones. Also, do not ride with the windows rolled down, and don’t show off your values there either! And always ask for the price before getting in to the taxi if they don’t use a taximeter.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended in public areas. Sometimes you might need to go to the toilet while waiting to board your bus, you could ask another backpacker to guard your backpack for you while you are gone. I also lock my backpack with the adjustable cable lock in the benches at the bus station if I have to go.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended in hostels. I’ve heard plenty of hostel stories. Never happened to me, but I try to be careful. Don’t leave any values like your iphone, mp3, passport etc out in the open. And if you leave your clothes there, don’t miss them when they’re gone. It’s often the moment that makes a thief. I always lock my backpack with a padlock, even during night when I’m sleeping just beside. If there are lockers in the hostel where you can store your backpack, do it. If there are smaller lockers for valuables, keep them there. I had one padlock on the locker and one on my daily backpack inside the locker, where I kept my usb memories, computer, passport etc.

Last one – If threatened – don’t resist. Better safe then sorry. No item is more important than your own life. Just let go. (I know I would probably need to bite my tongue of to not to start arguing against them… I hope I never come to that)



How to save money for traveling

Save for the booty!

When I finally decided that I was going to travel, and I made a rough budget about what I thought this trip would cost me and I looked over my economy. To do the trip I wanted, I needed around 40.000 SEK more (about 5700 USD). I had some freelance jobs planned in, so I thought that I might be able to save up 10-15.000 SEK before leaving (all though, it didn’t work out because I got sick in chicken pox when I was supposed to do the freelance job, and another time I was stuck in Zürich because of a snowstorm, so no money there). The rest was about cutting expenses, selling things I own, and getting jobs during travel.
I noticed, that when you are short of money, you get creative!

Every day was ”How am I going to survive this day without money?” (preferably, saving money instead). Usually, money just disappears every day, one banana there, one coffee there… not ok!!! Having future economy problems helps you keep and eye on your account and notice how much money that just ”disappears”.

Expense Reports

TIPS: Write everything down! Every expense, no matter how small it is! It really helps to see where your money is going.  After a month, review it, see what you can change/cut, and stick with it. Is that pack of gums at 7-11 really necessary? Remember what the purpose is – to save money for the trip of your dreams (or a trip, anyways).
Also, do this while you travel too! I’m bringing a notebook with me where I’m going to write eeeeevery expense.  No income = need a total control over my budget.

Here are some other ideas of how to save money for traveling:

Cutting monthly expenses:
Big saver: You can go and live with your parents again, maybe ask them nicely to stay there for free and you could save most of your income. Or, if that seems slightly too much, get a coherent. This does actually cut your monthly rent with 50% and is a fair deal. (I did the second option, he he)

Other stuff you can cut down;
– Transportation card (do you need to take the metro or can you bike/walk it/share ride?)
– Training (run outside, strength training at home, both for free etc)
– Phone bills (just stop texting and calling everybody all the time, put a limit on the phone),
– Electricity (turn your lights off when you leave home and just have the lamp on in room where you are in, saves quite much in the end of the month!)
– Food (Don’t eat out! Always make lunch boxes!! It’s not so difficult, you must have an afternoon a week you can plan in to cook, do 2-3 different plates of the same raw materials and freeze it in!)
– Party (exact how much money do you spend on alcohol/club entrances every month? This is a big thief. Cut your expenses. Is it really necessary to pay such an over price for a beer? Here in Sweden it’s so much cheaper to drink at home, invite some friends over instead! Or just stop drinking! At least, start thinking. Out partying to forget your life or saving that money to live your life?)
– Shopping (Why the hell do you need a new pair of shoes if you aren’t going to be able to wear them while traveling???)

Sell your stuff:
If you have a car, a bike, clothes you don’t use, a laptop, etc. Everything counts and e-bay is hot now!! (Swedish: blocket och tradera!) . Just check at the attic and I’m sure you’ll find things you haven’t even thought about for 5 years. Do you really need them if they have been in the storage forever? Every penny counts!!!

Well, that’s just a start!

Also, you can cut your expenses during travel.
Of course, everything depends on the reason why you travel, but this works for me:

If you don’t want to live in hotels or do the typical touristic thing, but rather have an experience with local people and their community, you can volunteer; for example stay at a farm and help the owners there for 4 hours a day, and get free accommodation and food.  I signed myself up at workaway , a community where local businesses can sign up and ask for help from volunteers all over the world. Most of them are free to volunteer, some of them you pay a symbolic payment of 2 dollars or something. I got in contact with both of the places I’ll be volunteering at there. Sign up at http://www.workaway.info/, it costs 22 euros for 2 years.

Another way of having an experience with locals but without working for it, is to do CouchSurfing. If you haven’t heard about it before, briefly – you ask a local if you can sleep on their couch while visiting their town. But it’s not about getting free accommodation, but more about opening your mind, exchanging thoughts and sharing experiences. Lovely!


Some old sketches from other creative times of my past

As I mentioned, I got a little bit creative when I didn’t have money. I had the idea of selling things to friends at home and tourists along the road to earn some extra money for the day. I thought I could sketch people up, so I would bring my pen and notebooks to make small sketches and sell for like 5 USD or something. That would give me food for a day. The sketches wouldn’t need to be that good either, it’s mostly about giving something back if you ask for money, so it doesn’t feel like you are begging for it. Also I had the idea of taking pictures of texts that was ordered of friends/future costumers through e-mail, for example, holding up a sign ”Happy Birthday First Name Second Name!” in a cool place like Macchu Picchu, or just writing it in the sand of a great beach. Isn’t that a good idea?

How it has worked out for me? I did sell my apartment and cleared my loans and got a little bit over to be able to do my trip, but I also lost some of my saving-money-energy. I won’t need to bring my sketchbook overseas, sorry to tell you that, haha. It bugs me that I really was focused while being broke, and today I see my cash withdrawals everyday and get really disappointed of myself and my bad discipline.  So writing this posts really gives me a new push up to myself. Time to shape up! No more income for 200 days – I HAVE TO!

Do you have any more tips about how to get your costs down and save money?


Traveling – a human desire?

For me, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve as long as I can remember dreamt about it, but I don’t know why. My mother doesn’t seem to understand this urge at all. Yet, she has lived abroad herself for 14 years, so that’s sort of contradictory, isn’t it? I think she does understand, but she’s to afraid because I, her daughter is going on a trip alone to dangerous South America.I choose to not see the obstacles, but the opportunities.

Here are some reasons why I want to travel:

Travel broadens the mind and make you happier – and I’m pursuing life satisfaction!

I want to see amazingly beautiful places and meet crazy interesting people. This world has sooooo much to offer, places most of us don’t even know about, and I don’t want to miss it. I want to get stumed and loose my breath. I’m tired of taking my life for granted and not seeing anything past my apartment, work, training etc. There’s a hole world out there to discover!!!!

I want to get out of the comfort zone, take a break from my usual casual life. It’s time to get out of the monotone routines and to feed my restless soul. I want to get more experience and have adventures. I want to connect with other people. Find a new way of living. I want to grow as a human, find the meaning of my life.

A wise man travels to discover himself.” – James Russell Lowell

It’s a good quote, I belive traveling opens your mind and body, helps you see things more clear. I believe it helps you discover who you are and what’s important to you.

I hope that all the meetings with different people and cultures will teach me to be more open-minded and welcoming to the world. I hope that I will grow as a person and come back much wiser.

Why do you travel? What have you learnt along the way?
Or what’s the reason why you don’t want to travel?

I’ll end this post with some pictures of our beautiful amazing world:



Get your thumb out of your but!

dreams and wishes. 62/365Dear friends, co-workers, family and fellow readers,

Now that I have this 200 days of trip ahead of me a lot of people are saying ”You are so lucky!” and ”I wish I could do that too, but…”.

Believe me, I was one of you thinking, ”Someday, I want to travel around the world”. Well guess what? I only got 5 years older.

And the only thing I actually had to do, was to make up my mind, decide: I AM GOING TO DO THIS NOW! Once that was set, for real, I only had to decide when and where.

Making up your mind and really going for it is the hardest part. I have been saving some money since I was 16 to ”someday travel somewhere”. Of course, that account, was also my saving account, and during the years, I’ve had to use it for other purposes. Like when the car broke or when I had a water leakage in my bathroom so I had to renovate it from scratch.

Even if I’ve been saving for this for almost 9 years, I have the same amount of money today as I had 6 years ago. You will probably never think you have enough of money to travel, and maybe you don’t have enough right now, but once you decide that you are going away in 6 months, 1 year, or even 2 years, you will do everything in your power to save money for that adventure. It’s easier when you have a purpose. Start planning, budgeting, look through your economy to see where you can cut out some expenses.

If you don’t have a goal, you don’t have the same definiteness of saving money, and you will probably go and buy that sweater you saw at the window today that you don’t really need anyways.

Oh, and this applies to everything! Maybe you are thinking ”Someday I would like to be able to play the guitar”. Well, sorry for breaking this to you too, but you won’t just wake up one day and be a talented guitarist. You do have to put some time and effort in becoming one.

Sorry if I sound a little harsh. I just want you to take the first step, as I did. It’s amazing, promise.

So, what’s your dream and when will you do it for real?