Time to go again….

Hi again!

A few days ago I checked the statistics of this blog, which I haven’t updated in a couple of years with more then a couple of posts.. and guess if I was surprised over to see that some travelers out there actually are still reading my blog :) I have about 20-30 visitors per day, that’s very very very fun to see, you are so welcome! :)

So… why have I been so quiet? Well… When I started blogging, it was mainly to have as a diary and to give updates to friends and family while I was traveling. I did this on my 1 year trip to South America during 2013. After that I came back to Sweden with an Argentinian boyfriend who I met during my trip in Mexico and we have started to settle down in our apartment here in Sweden now after 2 years living together and he has just received his permanent residence permit in Sweden :) We are super happy!

We have only been able to do a few short trips during these years due to our economy, so we visited Malta and Spain in 2014 and Portugal and Argentina in 2015. We have actually been in Spain plenty of times since it’s close and I have family there. So the first time was to visit my Spanish family and travel around by car in Spain, then to visit family again, then actually it was my Swedish family that went to Barcelona to celebrate my mother turning into 60 years, and then also this for Christmas to meet up with the whole Spanish family!

Anyhow. We have been planning for a little bit longer trip now soon outside Europe – and it’s not much time left until we leave!! Today we took up our old backpacks from the cellar and started to sew what was broken on them and checked our travel gear to see if we need to update anything (yes we do).

The past few weeks we have been taking vaccinations (going to a new continent = lots of new injections) and applied for visas.

So… I’m happy to inform you that… WE ARE GOING TO ASIA!! Yaaay!
I think nobody is happy about this except for ourselves, but anyways…  (Right mum?;)

I’m leaving for India the 1st of February and I’ll be there for 3 weeks visiting Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Goa. Then I’m flying over to the Philippines where I’m meeting up with Duilio who comes straight from Sweden, and we are spending 7 weeks on beautiful islands doing lots of diving and snorkeling! :)

Sooo… Now I’ve started to write a little bit again, let’s hope I can update something while I’m away, I’ve heard the internet connection is REAALLY bad in the Philippines.. so we’ll see if I manage :)

Byyee, take care!!


Doing snorkel in Tulum

Doing snorkel together in Tulum, Mexico, February 2013. Here we had only known each other for 3 weeks!!