Videos from Ecuador – Quito and the Galápagos islands

Ecuador – Quito from sofia armenteros on Vimeo.

Views of Quito – Some tests about being in the middle of the world – Homeparty with some reggeaton dance – Playing Jenca with my host and his friends..

Galapagos – Santa Cruz from sofia armenteros on Vimeo.

First video from the Galápagos, the island of Santa Cruz, las grietas, snorkeling, land tortoises..

Galapagos – the other islands from Sofia Engleson on Vimeo.

Second video from the Galápagos, visiting the islands of Bartolomé, Santiago, Isabela and San Cristobal. Snorkeling with penguins, turtles, sea lions, visiting volcanos, tunnels etc..

San Cristóbal – the home of many sea lions!

After a quite unpleasant boat ride here from Santa Cruz, I finally arrived, about 2 hours late. David was helpful as always to help me find a place to stay here, so I’m staying at his aunt house, who rents out rooms, and I got a special price. : )  Poor Davids cousin who had been waiting for me at the port all the time. We had problems with the engines, so we had to go much slower.  She showed me to where I will be staying, it’s called Rocas y Cactus, and it’s in the barrio Cactus. I have a quite big room and a clean bathroom :) Still no internet though, haha.

The boat we took from Santa Cruz to San Cristobal.. Packed with people.. all sweaty... it was supposed to take 1,5-2 hours but it took 3,5 hours instead... haha

The boat we took from Santa Cruz to San Cristobal.. Packed with people.. all sweaty… it was supposed to take 1,5-2 hours but it took 3,5 hours instead… haha

View over San Cristobal from my balcony

View over San Cristobal from my balcony

San Cristobal is very calm and relaxed. It’s smaller than Santa Cruz but bigger then Isabela. A good mix. I still love that people say hi to you on the street even if they don’t know you! :)

I went to eat at a place in the malecon, the street closest to the beach, and took a walk there. There are soooo many sea lions here!!! And they make such a funny noise! I’m really surprised, I had no idea they sounded like this! I mean, there is one noise I recognize, because it sounds like the seals, but they also have another sound that is a mix between a sheep and someone who is really really disgusted and is about to puke or something. Haha.

Maybe you only see rocks... but what if I said there's at least 30 sea lions visible here? Haha.

Maybe you only see rocks… but what if I said there’s at least 30 sea lions visible in this pic? Haha.

Little sea lion drinking/eating or whatever you say....

Little sea lion drinking/eating or whatever you say….

After that I went home for a siesta. Later I got down to book the diving to Leon Dormido, which they say it’s the best place to dive here in San Cristobal. The dive shop is also one of Davids cousins. Hehe. Almost all his family is living here :) Since I was the only diver, it cost me 160 USD….. waaaaay to expensive for me, but since it’s the last dive I will do in a very long time….. Well well.
I have actually counted about how much I have spent here in the Galapagos, and it’s about the same amount per day as I spent in Mexico. So it’s really good! Until this 160 USD.. haha. But still, I thought that Galapagos was going to be much more expensive.

Later I went down looking for a cybercafé.. and I ran into the guy from Isabela who was driving the car to the volcano.  We had some dinner at the malecon together with his friend. Then we walked around the malecon again together with even more sea lions, they all get up there at night.. and it smells quite much!! Haha. Anyhow.. this guy starts to tell me that he want to be my loved one and explains how much he loves me. We have only spent a couple of hours together, maximum, and I was not at all interested, so I felt quite uncomfortable.. I went home to watch some tv-series and sleep.


Charles Darwin station, Playa de los alemanes and party!

Today I woke up by myself, I thought, but the alarm clock had been calling for like 15 minutes. Haha. But I sleep with ear plugs and a mask so I was totally dead.

David had a friend over here for breakfast, and they had made eggs and patacones, which is a sort of fried banana but it seems as bread or something It’s typical to eat it for breakfast here. Very good but weird for me who is used to eat cereal or something less lunchy.

Kiara woke up and said that she was waiting for me yesterday, haha so cute. And that she was sad that she had slept in the morning and missed the boat (she said she would go with me for the tour). So sweet!

Yesterday I went in to the center to a cybercafé to upload the posts and do some bank things and send some e-mail. Also I managed to be connected at the same time as Duilio <3 Great to talk to him again.. I miss him a lot. I’ve had much harder time here in Galapagos then in Quito, I think it’s because I’ve hade many hours alone on the boat, under water etc, so I have lots of time to think about him and miss him. He would have loved to be here. Anyhow. It has been 6 days since we said good bye to each other…. I really don’t know how I’m going to manage these 4 months. I just want to be with him right now.. I hope it gets better in a month when I get used to travel alone again..

When the cybercafé closed, I walked around. It’s so weird that you see sea lions everywhere here, they are lying on the streets sleeping…. So funny!

Sleeping sea lion

Sleeping sea lion

I started to talk to a man from Guayaquil who works as a lawyer and has a case here, so he has been here like 20 times the past 2 years… He showed me around a bit and also where the pelicans sleep in the trees, hihi. He thought I was from Quito! I was surprised he didn’t hear my Spanish accent that everyone picks me about, haha, but no, he only thought I was from Quito because I was white… I didn’t think about it, but yes, people here aren’t as white as in Quito, much darker skin. Also he guessed that I was a Sagittarius (which I am)!

Another thing you see here is chinchorros, a sort of small beetles, eeeverywhere!! They are crawling everywhere, and they fly too. If you walk and don’t watch your steps you will cross one every two-three steps.  I had just said to Kiara to not step on them intentionally (she was hunting them) when I, while looking at other stuff, smashed one and kicked the other into the ocean… haha. Also, when they get afraid, they fart or something, and they smell sooo bad!

Today we went to the Charles Darwin station… and there is no entrance fee! I was all surprised, David just laughed and said that of course it’s free, we paid the national park fee at the airport entering the Galapagos, it’s only the tours or the guides that costs. We saw lots of turtles. They pick the turtle eggs and bring them here and help them grow and get stronger before they put them back into their original island. This is because there is a black rat that has spread a lot in the islands who eats the turtle eggs, so they have lost already 4 species, now there is only 10 species of turtles left and before it was 14.

Hungry turtle at the Charles Darwin station

Hungry turtle at the Charles Darwin station

The rain caught us! This is the entrance to Charles Darwin station.. haha.

The rain caught us! This is the entrance to Charles Darwin station.. haha.

It was really hot and humid today, we were all sweaty… and on our way to the beach when it started to rain, A LOT! Haha. It’s rainy season here. We hid for a while, then we got some ziplock-bags to put our valuable stuff in and then did some arrances  – like eat, laundry and buy an Ecuadorian sim card for the phone. : )

Later the sun came out again, really hot, and we went to Playa de los Alemanes… to get there we took a boat taxi, hehe, I’ve never seen one of those, cool! It costs 60 cents. :) And wow, the water is so hot!! We wanted to fresh ourselves but it was hotter in the water then in the air, probably around 32 degrees or something! We saw some fins, and didn’t know if it was sharks or rays, David got his snorkeling gear and saw a shoal of 5-6 rayas here. Cool. Later I lent it, but I didn’t find them, but I saw many other fishes, the weirdest was a snake fish, it was pink with black dots, very interesting!

Boat taxis:)

Boat taxis:)

Playa de los alemanes

Playa de los alemanes

By the way, one thing I love with small islands, is that everyone says hi even if you don’t know each other. If you walk by each other in a place where there aren’t many others, you say “Hola, Buenos dias”, even if you’ve never seen each other before. It’s a beautiful thing to do I think. It makes you much more happy.

Now I’m home and later we are going to celebrate the birthday of Angel and Juan-Carlos, or it’s on Friday but they celebrate today since some of them are out on tours on Friday. They are twins by the way : )

So we went to a place at km 5 where there are pools, ping pong tables, biljard, football court and a bar with karaoke. The guys played football, there are two teams here, Elementica or Barcelona.. the yellow ones are barcelona (yes, it goes back to the 1920’s when a guy from Barcelona came here and started a football team, before the Spanish Barcelona-team, haha).

Tired and sweaty after the football game!

Tired and sweaty after the football game!

The birthday cake :)

The birthday cake :)

They all sang karaoke, some of them reeeally good! Some of them… quite bad, haha. All songs I haven’t heard before, it’s such a pity! But they did put on “Sin miedo a nada” with Alex Ubago, which is my favourite since… 10 years back, so I sang a duo with Henry, haha. Me, singing karaoke! Yep!

With the gang :)

With the gang :)

Later we went out to a disco at Puerto Ayora, they played a mix of electronical music, famous club music, salsa, merengue and reggeton… It was lots of fun to dance! All of Davids friends are very “buena onda”, haha, nice, funny, respectful and dance very well!
Me and David danced some salsa and merengue, the merengue is going ok, but the salsa… I have to move my hips a lot more, but I can’t make it work right now at the same time I think about where I’m putting my feet! Haha. Also, dancing in generally to latino music, they move the hips all the time, the rhythm is there, but I have the rhythm in my feet, so it’s totally different movement… have to learn!!

Dancing reggeton... the guys dance it too!

Dancing reggeton… the guys dance it too!


What I’m planning on visiting

Hello again!

My mother commented that my grandmother wanted to know my itinerary. So cute!
Maybe it’s interesting for you to know where I’ll be blogging from too.

Since I’ll be away for almost 7 months, this itinerary will probably (and hopefully) change a bit, but this is what I have in mind now:

You can see the full map here.

Mexico city
Puerto Escondido
San Cristobal De Las Casas
Playa del Carmen
Isla Mujeres

Galapagos islands

Aucallama Huaral
Puerto Maldonaldo

La Paz
Villa Tunari

Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paolo