Time to go again….

Hi again!

A few days ago I checked the statistics of this blog, which I haven’t updated in a couple of years with more then a couple of posts.. and guess if I was surprised over to see that some travelers out there actually are still reading my blog :) I have about 20-30 visitors per day, that’s very very very fun to see, you are so welcome! :)

So… why have I been so quiet? Well… When I started blogging, it was mainly to have as a diary and to give updates to friends and family while I was traveling. I did this on my 1 year trip to South America during 2013. After that I came back to Sweden with an Argentinian boyfriend who I met during my trip in Mexico and we have started to settle down in our apartment here in Sweden now after 2 years living together and he has just received his permanent residence permit in Sweden :) We are super happy!

We have only been able to do a few short trips during these years due to our economy, so we visited Malta and Spain in 2014 and Portugal and Argentina in 2015. We have actually been in Spain plenty of times since it’s close and I have family there. So the first time was to visit my Spanish family and travel around by car in Spain, then to visit family again, then actually it was my Swedish family that went to Barcelona to celebrate my mother turning into 60 years, and then also this for Christmas to meet up with the whole Spanish family!

Anyhow. We have been planning for a little bit longer trip now soon outside Europe – and it’s not much time left until we leave!! Today we took up our old backpacks from the cellar and started to sew what was broken on them and checked our travel gear to see if we need to update anything (yes we do).

The past few weeks we have been taking vaccinations (going to a new continent = lots of new injections) and applied for visas.

So… I’m happy to inform you that… WE ARE GOING TO ASIA!! Yaaay!
I think nobody is happy about this except for ourselves, but anyways…  (Right mum?;)

I’m leaving for India the 1st of February and I’ll be there for 3 weeks visiting Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Goa. Then I’m flying over to the Philippines where I’m meeting up with Duilio who comes straight from Sweden, and we are spending 7 weeks on beautiful islands doing lots of diving and snorkeling! :)

Sooo… Now I’ve started to write a little bit again, let’s hope I can update something while I’m away, I’ve heard the internet connection is REAALLY bad in the Philippines.. so we’ll see if I manage :)

Byyee, take care!!


Doing snorkel in Tulum

Doing snorkel together in Tulum, Mexico, February 2013. Here we had only known each other for 3 weeks!!

Fiesta de despedida

On Saturday I had a delayed housewarming/birthday party and a farewell party.

I had a nice mix of co-workers, film family, fencing family and old friends over to my place for the first time, and it was literally people eeeeverywhere in my apartment. I had around 40 guests from 18pm to around 3.30 am. I never thought so many would actually show up! I didn’t even had time to talk to everyone as much as I would like to. It was so fun to see all of my friends getting along together. It really meant a lot to me.

I had said that I didn’t wish for any gifts, but instead that they would contribute to my travel budget by buying something from my flea market, and I earned 3144:-!!!!! I would never have guessed that it could be so successful. I really have generous friends! From those of you who donated without even wanting something special (you know who you are), to those of you who haggled about every penny (you also know who you are ;), THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for coming, Lotta, Annelie I, Annelie W, Tove, Jocke, Sanna, Ronny, Iga, Ramzi, Mime, Damon, Jojjo, Elin, Victor, Carro, Johan L, Amelia, Leffe, Carro L, Rasmus, Linda, Elina, Axel, Jimmy, Jenny, Henke, Elias, Carro H, Erik, Sara, Jannica, Stefan, Alvar, Mattias, Johan N, Ivan, Emma, Oskar, Emelie and Jean-Baptiste. Yep, 40 guests! :) I’m really glad all of you showed up! I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone!

Keep checking in on this site if you are interested in knowing what I’m up to during my travels, and please comment on my posts too, it’s much funnier to write then :)

PICTURES!!!! :) Click to see them bigger!



Weird feelings before departure and useful experiences

I’m really looking forward to my trip. I have for a very long time now. (Since I was born, but mainly since September when I decided to go for it). Anyhow, I have been looking soooooo much forward to it, sometimes just lying sleepless just thinking about all the things I have to do before I leave and also dreaming about all the things I want to do during the trip.

But now that it’s getting closer, a new feeling has started growing. A sort of anxiety.

People have said that its brave of me to travel alone to South America for more than 6 months, but for me, it was just how I’ve always pictured if would be. But now, I’m getting a little afraid. I’m finally realizing that I’m going to be alone. Yep.

I know that I will meet tons of new interesting people and get lots of new friendships, I know, but since I’m traveling around from town to town, I won’t have anyone steady, no one to turn to when I need consolation, no one to take care of me if I get sick. And I won’t have my mother who always can lend out a hand if I need help. I’ll for the first time actually be totally standing on my two own feet. That’s scary!

That’s how I felt the last 2 weeks. But now, that there’s only 2 days left before departure, I’m getting quite sad too. I noticed on Sunday after the fencing training, on my way home after saying goodbye to everyone there, I had this really weird feeling inside of me that I couldn’t understand, like sadness instead of happiness. I felt like crying. A friend told me that it’s probably because I feel like I’m never going to see them again, but that I would, and that is true. So today, my last day at work, it went a little better to say goodbye to my co workers. This evening I spent with my roommate Sanna and my neighbor and best friend Carro just watching TV and talking. Have to spend every minute possible with the people I care about, if not, I feel like I’ve wasted time by being with myself.

The fencing family!

The fencing family having sunday-pizza!

Serious co-workers at  Ljud och Bildmedia.

Serious co-workers at Ljud och Bildmedia, my last day at work.

Min favvo-Axel

Quality time with Axel :)

I learned a few things about myself and what’s in head of me on my last trip to France.
First thing, bring a valid passport!! Yeep, I know it’s elementary, but I’ve done it twice now. Brought my old passport with me, who expired 2 years ago. Gratefully, I was within the Schengen-area, so I was able to fly with only my identification.
Second, in Lyon I got sick, throwing up and having problems with my stomach. It was quite weird being sick and not being at my home, I wasn’t able to just lie in bed and not be social to anyone. Also, I felt a sort of shame, because I wasn’t that good company either. I felt like I was in the way.
And third, when I was going home, my flight got cancelled due to a big snowstorm in Stockholm, so I got booked on another flight to Zürich where I was supposed to take another flight to Stockholm, but that one was also cancelled.

I got all stressed up because I had a freelance-job the next day and I didn’t know when I was going to be able to fly, and the cues where sooo long (it took 3 hours to get pass them). When I realized that I wasn’t going to make it that day, I found a new calm, and I started to talk to the other passengers who also were stuck, and I had great conversations. But it was sad too, because I knew that I would never meet them again. It was all just temporary.

I also noticed another thing, it is that, when I was stuck there and didn’t know anything about what was happening, I had this anxiety in my body, I was stressed, irritated and restless. I think it was because I didn’t know where I would end up, so I was stuck at the airport and I couldn’t do anything about it at all. I had no control. I think I need to know where I’ll be sleeping before I go somewhere. I have very easy to say “home” to everywhere I sleep, but I need to feel that I have somewhere that’s going to be my home for that night. Then, I can enjoy.

My lovely mum!

My lovely mum!

I’m so lucky – get an insight in a traditional swedish christmas

I’m lucky to have such a wonderful family, and I’m lucky to live in beautiful Sweden.

When we were younger we used to spend the summers together, when me and my mother were living in Spain, we stayed at my uncles’ house when we were visiting Sweden, and later when we moved here we spend a week together at our grandmothers house or at their caravan every summer. Nowadays, we kids are slightly older, and the family only get together on special occasions like birthdays or christmas, maybe that’s why I appreciate it even more now.

We are actually a really stubborn and besserwisser-family, and we do discuss a lot,  about really unimportant little things. But now that I’m older I start to smile when I hear the typical discussions springing, because it’s so typical us. (not when I’m being attacked myself of course, because in this family everyone think they are right, so sometimes it’s not worth to try to explain for example why you don’t eat meat, of course I can say my opinion but I can never be right (if they don’t already think as me, which they don’t, so…). But still, it’s family, and I love them!

I have celebrated ”real” Christmas here in Sweden with them just a couple of times, we used to have a new-years-eve-christmas instead only because I always spent the christmas eve with my family in Spain. Not this year though, due to some issues there and also because of my trip to South America, I wanted to spend my Christmas here in Stockholm with my mother and my swedish family, and I’m very glad that I did!

Celebrating my 25th birthday at my place

Celebrating my 25th birthday at my place. We ate lots of christmas cookies and homemade chocolate truffles.  And I got santa’s sparkles or whatever they are called in english. :)

Christmas 2012!

Christmas 2012! Our tree (yes, we do give each other quite many gifts!), me, my really good veggie christmas food (which I’m not responsable for), and the gift’s I had wrapped in :)

Panorama picture over Swedish traditional christmas celebration :) Gifts, wrapping paper, glögg, coffee, christmas candy...

Panorama over the living room, a Swedish traditional christmas celebration :) Exchanging gifts, reading rimes, drinking glögg, coffee, eating christmas candy… :)

Some of the gifts I got for christmas and my birthday from my family :)

Some of the gifts I got for christmas and my birthday from my family :) Very happy!!  Almost everything is for my trip! Really loooove the purple sweater! Yaaay!

Swedish winter 2012

The residential area and my balcony this winter 2012. Beautiful!


I’m also so lucky because it has been a really good winter so far this year. The last years here in Stockholm you never know how the weather is going to be in December, mostly it changes between being wet and dirty everywhere because of melting snow (yes, we had one period of it this year) and super slippery because the melting snow has frozen again, I was afraid it was going to be like a really cold and dark autumn instead of a white christmas. But nope! There has been loooots of snow! And it hasn’t been that cold at all! Usually, after 1-2 months of snow and darkness, I get really tired of it, but I haven’t this year. I don’t know if it’s because I know I’m leaving and won’t need to stand out with it during january, february, march, probably april, maybe even may….. But, I sort of feel that I actually will miss the beauty of it. But you can’t have everything ;)
It was my wish to have a good real white swedish winter here with my family before I leave, and I feel really lucky to have had it. Thank you!

What makes you feel lucky and happy this time at year?

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everybody!!!!

P.S Feliz Navidad familia española. Que penita que no nos hayamos podido ver este año! Pienso en vosotros. Besitos y amor!

Traveling – a human desire?

For me, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve as long as I can remember dreamt about it, but I don’t know why. My mother doesn’t seem to understand this urge at all. Yet, she has lived abroad herself for 14 years, so that’s sort of contradictory, isn’t it? I think she does understand, but she’s to afraid because I, her daughter is going on a trip alone to dangerous South America.I choose to not see the obstacles, but the opportunities.

Here are some reasons why I want to travel:

Travel broadens the mind and make you happier – and I’m pursuing life satisfaction!

I want to see amazingly beautiful places and meet crazy interesting people. This world has sooooo much to offer, places most of us don’t even know about, and I don’t want to miss it. I want to get stumed and loose my breath. I’m tired of taking my life for granted and not seeing anything past my apartment, work, training etc. There’s a hole world out there to discover!!!!

I want to get out of the comfort zone, take a break from my usual casual life. It’s time to get out of the monotone routines and to feed my restless soul. I want to get more experience and have adventures. I want to connect with other people. Find a new way of living. I want to grow as a human, find the meaning of my life.

A wise man travels to discover himself.” – James Russell Lowell

It’s a good quote, I belive traveling opens your mind and body, helps you see things more clear. I believe it helps you discover who you are and what’s important to you.

I hope that all the meetings with different people and cultures will teach me to be more open-minded and welcoming to the world. I hope that I will grow as a person and come back much wiser.

Why do you travel? What have you learnt along the way?
Or what’s the reason why you don’t want to travel?

I’ll end this post with some pictures of our beautiful amazing world:




Just thought I should write something on this special day. So congratulations to everyone who gets married today. I guess you are quite many!

Now there won’t be a chance to have a cool date until 2101.

The Lumière family – amazing inventors!

The other day I visited The Lumière museum. It’s situated in their old house in Lyon, France. I must say I’m really impressed by this family!

The father Antoine Lumiére ran a photographic firm in Lyon from 1870. He had 2 sons, Louis and Auguste who worked for him and later took over and developed the business. The family business gave them a natural interest in photography and they made important contributions to both still photography and motion pictures, as well as other scientific endeavors.

They are most known for the cinématographe — a three-in-one device that could record, develop, and project motion pictures — was further developed by the Lumières.  They patented a number of significant processes leading up to their film camera, most notably they invented the film perforations (helps advancing the film through the camera and projector).

Some of the Lumière-cameras

Some of the Lumière-cameras

They also invented and patented the coloured photographs in 1903! It’s really weird to see colored still photographs from 1903, that’s over 100 years old.
And even more weird – in 3D! I thought that was quite new, but no, there were many 3D colored photographed at the museum where you had to wear the blue and red-eyeglasses to see it in 3D. They even made a 3D-film of a train leaving the station in 1895!
And of course –  they invented the a panorama/photorama camera in the 1900´s who could photograph 360 degrees! As if that was something new too. Nope.

Also, they were not only inventors within photography and film, apparently they also developed other products such as the loudspeaker and medical tools, like mechanical hands for the ones who had lost their limbs in the first world war.

Other inventions from the Lumiere, like coloured photography, mechanical hands and audiospeaker

Other inventions from the Lumieres, like colored photography, mechanical hands and the audio speaker.

early photorama/panorama camera

Early photorama/panorama camera. On the upper left is the camera, on the upper right is how it’s looking on the inside – a complicated work with many camera angles! And below, a part of the photorama taken 29th of December 1900.

early in developing 3D in the beginning of the 1900

Early in developing 3D in the beginning of the 1900’s

The cinématographe itself was patented in the beginning of 1895, and the first footage ever to be recorded using it was recorded on March 19, 1895. This is the first Cinématographe film; the first time that men filmed themselves. It shows workers leaving the Lumière factory.

A funny thing is, that when you see the old posters about the screening of this and other films, it’s never mentioned the name of the film, but only ”Cinématogrape Lumière”, because what was shown wasn’t as important as the experience of watching a film itself.

Sortie des Usines Lumière à Lyon
(Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory).

The world’s first film poster, 1895.

If you visit Lyon, even if you aren’t as me a fantast of film cameras, I believe this museum will interest you. Have in mind though, that most of the info is in french. They have an audio guided tour in English, but it’s not even half of all the other information there is.


Trying this video-thing…

Since I’ll be posting videos from the trip, I thought I’ll try  it out first.

I have created an account on Vimeo, where I will upload the videos . Apparently, since I have the free account, I have a waiting line for converting the video.. Only 15 minutes left now! (30 in the beginning). So.. now I know that I need plenty of time online next time I’ll try this!

I don’t have so many videos on my phone, this one is from work this summer in Sweden.
Let’s see if it gets embedded now.

YAY! It did.



New camera, extra battery and SD-card

It’s just something special when something you have ordered has arrived. I do more and more often order stuff from the internet. If I need a normal pair of socks, I go to a store, but if it’s something a little bit rare that I’m looking for – I do research on the internet about it, compare products, read reviews, check youtube-videos and I compare prices on different sites where I can purchase it from. Usually it’s also cheaper to purchase it through the web then in the store, and very often that specific brand or product doesn’t have a retailer in my town, Stockholm.

Also, it’s a funnier way to shop. You go through more ”happy points” then buying it in a store. The first kick, is when you have decided what you want to purchase, and paid for it. Then, a couple of days later, when you either receive a e-mail, get a text message or get the avi in the mailbox, it’s another kick ”wooow, my products are here!”, the third one comes when you actually go and get your package, and the last and best one is of course when you open it at home. :)

Of course, there is also a back side, I have quite often had to return the product because it didn’t match my expectations or because it wasn’t my size. I’m sure many of you think that it’s a lot easier to just find it in a store, try it there, and if it fits, then when you leave the store with the product in your hand directly.

But for me, I prefer to have to deal with returning orders rather than walking around in different stores. When it matches your expectations or/and fits your size, then it’s truly a perfect match because it’s something you really want and not something you have just bought on an impulse or a ”I’ll take this because it’s the only ones I’ve found in the 3 stores I’ve been to”.

Anyhow, this time I bought light weight sandals and a waterproof camera and I’m very very happy. I’ll give you a reviews of my items in another post, another day.

The first ones I ordered didn’t match my expectations, but this ones certainly did!

My fears and worries

Counting down, 56 days to departure. I’m looking soooo much forward to it. Can’t stop thinking about it. But of course I do have some fears as well. Many of you have also asked me the same questions. So these are my worries and my thoughts about solutions.

vegetarian tempeh lettuce wraps

How am I going to survive over there as a vegetarian? Sweden is a quite good veggie-country, they always have a at least one vegetarian option in restaurants, and people are quite familiar with people being vegetarian (still, it’s quite boring to always have to eat the same vegetarian plate). While traveling I’ve always had problems. Like in Spain, very often I have to eat fried eggs and fries, because that’s the only vegetarian thing they have on the menu. Not even the salads are vegetarian. Now that I’ll be away for a long period, I can’t eat ”bad” food all the time. I will try buy food at the supermarket like all the time, mainly because I can’t afford eating at restaurants everyday, even if they had a veggie-option. Hopefully I will eat at least once in every city, inviting my CouchSurfing-host. I’ll update you about how it is to be a vegetarian in South America.

How am I going to be able to train while traveling? I’ve had problems with my back and with over weight before, and I since I’ll be traveling with my big backpack on the back, going on trekking excursions etc, I need to be in a good shape and be strong. I need to go for training at least 2-3 times a week.. I will try to do this: go out jogging (to see some beautiful sights), swimming (probably inside pool if there is one in that city) and doing strength training only working with my own body (so I can do it at ”home”).


What should I bring? I really don’t want to bring too much, but not to less, it’s always difficult to draw the line. I know I need a sleeping bag in Peru, but should I bring one during the first 2 months of my trip, or should I buy it when I need it, and then throw it away/give it away? I don’t know yet. But I think I’ll be bringing everything I need for 6 months, in ONE backpack. It has to fit in there. I want to be able to travel easily, be able to run to the bus if I need to without everything falling apart, haha. I will pack my bag over and over again before leaving. I’ll update you with a packing list, and later, what have worked and what has not.

Robbery not allowed

What if I get robbed? Surprise! South America isn’t as safe as in Sweden. Here it’s unusual that they even have weapons. I remember a conversation with another CouchSurfer from Argentina,and  he got really surprise that I’ve never been robbed with a weapon before. My camera and my phone has been stolen in different occasions, but by pocket picking, so I didn’t even notice it. I guess I prefer that sort of robbery. So what am I going to do to prevent it? First, I won’t be carrying around a big amount of money, so if there are thieves and they get 20 USD, then, what the heck. Also I have an undercover money belt and security pouches to have under my clothes.The biggest worry for me is to be robbed on my camera and all my pictures. So I’ll be backing up everything on-line as often as possible.  I’m aware of the common sense of traveling, if you aren’t, check this link about safe travel in South America from lonely planet. There are good tips there like try to not look like a tourist, more like a local, or a visitor. Walk with a purpose. Be aware of your surroundings all the times. Muggers look for people who look unaware. Stay alert.

Another big worry is of course, what happens if I get sick during my travel? I do have insurance though, but still I would miss out a lot if I got sick. I’ve taken all the vaccinations I need for the countries I’m visiting, and I recently had chicken pox, so now I don’t have to worry about that, haha. I also just got vaccine against this years flu. I will try to eat good food and eat extra vitamins and I’ll be listening to my body if I’m starting to get sick and need some rest.


What if I get tired? I don’t think I’ll get tired of traveling, but I’m worried I get tired of being social and ”on” all the time. I really have no idea of how it is to be on the move for 6 months meeting new people all the time and always have to present the best side of me. What if I need some time for myself to just do nothing? Go to sleep early, lie in a bed reading a book a whole day or sit by the computer uploading pictures and updating this blog. I don’t want to be impolite and I don’t want offend anyone, especially not my hosts from CouchSurfing. Let’s hope I get enough rest during the bus-trips!

I’m also worried about not be able to bring books with me, since I love reading. Maybe I can borrow one from a host while staying there. Oh, and another weird worry is, what if I’m having the time of my life and I don’t want to come back??? It’s very possible I will feel that. Well.. only future can tell!

Now I’ve shared some of my worries. Which are yours?