Geneva and Lyon

So yesterday I arrived at the airport in Geneva. It’s really close to the french border, and the flights where much cheaper there then to Lyon.

We stayed for a couple of hours just walking around the port and visiting the Jet d’Eau, it’s one of the most famous landmarks of the city and also one of the largest fountains in the world. The water leaves the nozzle at the speed of 200 km/h! There is about 7000 liters of water in the air. We didn’t walk to close to it since you can get quite wet. We even noticed that from where we stood when there was a change in the wind direction. Haha.

In front of Jet d'Eau in Geneva

We tried to find a restaurant around there, but they were all very expensive. Like just a side order of rice was around 6 euros, and the food itself 20 euros or something. So instead we hit the road and ate somewhere in the alps. It’s amazing with all the mountains around. I really find them fascinating.

Also, on the road, we saw a really cool old car. It didn’t have any windows, the poor driver had to have eyeglasses and the sort of helmet pilots use. And it’s winter!

When we arrived in Lyon I met Amers room-mates, Frederique, Jean-Pierre and his girlfriend Aurelie. We cooked some dinner (mostly Amer) and watched some football. Actually 3 different matches, never seen so much in one day before haha. Oh, and I also got to see my first James Bond movie ever. Casino Royale. :)

Cool car without windows on the road

Cool car on the road without windows.

Driving from Geneva to Lyon through the alps.

Driving from Geneva to Lyon through the alps. Love the windows of this car, so good view!

Panorama of the apartment in Lyon. Cooking dinner.

Panorama of the apartment in Lyon. Cooking dinner.