Picturesque Dijon


Amer had to visit his clients in Dijon, so I was with him there for 2 days. Dijon is a city in Eastern france, most famous for their mustard. :) After spending the whole monday at the hotel being sick (yes, throwing up and that stuff), I was happy to go out the next day.

I checked out around 12 and ate lunch with Amer, and then I walked around the city until he was done with work. I had luck, it was raining while we where eating but just when I started walking, the sun came and it was really nice weather.

I followed the Owl’s trail. There are marks in the pave way in the city that you can follow to see the places of interest in Dijon. I got a map at the tourist office and walked around. It is really a very nice small town, I found it charming and picturesque.

I bought some postcards to send, but it was impossible to find stamps for Europe, in the tabacs-shops where you usually buy stamps they only had for France. It’s funny because almost no one spoke english, and I used my very poor french combined with spanish words with french accent and sign language to communicate (A stamp is called ”Timbre”, I learned later). At the last tabacs-shop I asked, they said that I could buy stamps at the big post office, which I knew I would pass along my trail. When I was outside the tabacs looking at my map where the post office was, an old lady walked up to me with a big smile and asked ”Are you looking for the post office?” -”Yes” -”It’s right there on the other side of the square”. She had been in the shop when I asked for the stamps, she was adorable with tinkering eyes, surely around 65-70 years and I was so impressed that she could speak english.

I don’t think small towns like these have many foreign tourists, mostly people within france. Because whenever I spoke english, people around me looked at me and smiled, like an interesting and friendly ‘wow a tourist is here’-smile. Except for the one I was talking to, who usually had a ‘sorry I’m not so good at english’-smile, but still tried to help.

I walked around for a couple of hours and around 16 I was sooo tired, I couldn’t hold my eyes open (I was still a little sick). If it had been summer, I would have taken a siesta in the public garden ”Jardin Darcy”, but since its december, and it was like 6^C, I couldn’t. I took a brake at a café where I ordered some tea, and took a 2 minutes-siesta on the toilet.

I had plans on going to the Musée des Beaux Arts (Fine arts museum) which is in the Palais des ducs et des etats de bourgogne, but apparently, it is open eeeeveryday but tuesdays, so no museum for me.
Instead I took the time to find that famous Owl that is on the Notre-Dame. I walked around the facade a couple of times before I found it, I thought it was going to be bigger. The poor owl was severely damaged on its left side in 2001. I felt sorry for him and rubbed my left hand on the owl to comfort him. But you are also supposed to get good luck if you do it. :)

When the sun was gone, the streets got filled with people, shopping, walking, eating. I got tired again and sat down at a café that looked friendly at the Darcy-station, I asked what’s their speciality, the attendant said ”It’s my own tea”. And I got the best tea I’ve ever tasted. I think it was a sort of mint-tea, it got me thinking of mojito’s, but warm, and sweat with honey. Soooo good.

Amer came earlier then prevented and we drove the 2 hour journey to Lyon. At home we watched some football with his roommates, and later the documentary about Ayrton Senna, one of the best F1 drivers ever. I loved it. It made me laugh, made me mad, and made me cry. The documentary is in portuguese, english and french. I saw it with french subtitles and I actually got mostly everything. I used to think that Portuguese was difficult to understand spoken, but it is so much easier than spoken french!

Now I’m on the train somewhere in the alps between Lyon and Geneva, on my way to the airport to fly back home to Sweden.

Arrevoir, a bientôt!

The Lumière family – amazing inventors!

The other day I visited The Lumière museum. It’s situated in their old house in Lyon, France. I must say I’m really impressed by this family!

The father Antoine Lumiére ran a photographic firm in Lyon from 1870. He had 2 sons, Louis and Auguste who worked for him and later took over and developed the business. The family business gave them a natural interest in photography and they made important contributions to both still photography and motion pictures, as well as other scientific endeavors.

They are most known for the cinématographe — a three-in-one device that could record, develop, and project motion pictures — was further developed by the Lumières.  They patented a number of significant processes leading up to their film camera, most notably they invented the film perforations (helps advancing the film through the camera and projector).

Some of the Lumière-cameras

Some of the Lumière-cameras

They also invented and patented the coloured photographs in 1903! It’s really weird to see colored still photographs from 1903, that’s over 100 years old.
And even more weird – in 3D! I thought that was quite new, but no, there were many 3D colored photographed at the museum where you had to wear the blue and red-eyeglasses to see it in 3D. They even made a 3D-film of a train leaving the station in 1895!
And of course –  they invented the a panorama/photorama camera in the 1900´s who could photograph 360 degrees! As if that was something new too. Nope.

Also, they were not only inventors within photography and film, apparently they also developed other products such as the loudspeaker and medical tools, like mechanical hands for the ones who had lost their limbs in the first world war.

Other inventions from the Lumiere, like coloured photography, mechanical hands and audiospeaker

Other inventions from the Lumieres, like colored photography, mechanical hands and the audio speaker.

early photorama/panorama camera

Early photorama/panorama camera. On the upper left is the camera, on the upper right is how it’s looking on the inside – a complicated work with many camera angles! And below, a part of the photorama taken 29th of December 1900.

early in developing 3D in the beginning of the 1900

Early in developing 3D in the beginning of the 1900’s

The cinématographe itself was patented in the beginning of 1895, and the first footage ever to be recorded using it was recorded on March 19, 1895. This is the first Cinématographe film; the first time that men filmed themselves. It shows workers leaving the Lumière factory.

A funny thing is, that when you see the old posters about the screening of this and other films, it’s never mentioned the name of the film, but only ”Cinématogrape Lumière”, because what was shown wasn’t as important as the experience of watching a film itself.

Sortie des Usines Lumière à Lyon
(Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory).

The world’s first film poster, 1895.

If you visit Lyon, even if you aren’t as me a fantast of film cameras, I believe this museum will interest you. Have in mind though, that most of the info is in french. They have an audio guided tour in English, but it’s not even half of all the other information there is.


Geneva and Lyon

So yesterday I arrived at the airport in Geneva. It’s really close to the french border, and the flights where much cheaper there then to Lyon.

We stayed for a couple of hours just walking around the port and visiting the Jet d’Eau, it’s one of the most famous landmarks of the city and also one of the largest fountains in the world. The water leaves the nozzle at the speed of 200 km/h! There is about 7000 liters of water in the air. We didn’t walk to close to it since you can get quite wet. We even noticed that from where we stood when there was a change in the wind direction. Haha.

In front of Jet d'Eau in Geneva

We tried to find a restaurant around there, but they were all very expensive. Like just a side order of rice was around 6 euros, and the food itself 20 euros or something. So instead we hit the road and ate somewhere in the alps. It’s amazing with all the mountains around. I really find them fascinating.

Also, on the road, we saw a really cool old car. It didn’t have any windows, the poor driver had to have eyeglasses and the sort of helmet pilots use. And it’s winter!

When we arrived in Lyon I met Amers room-mates, Frederique, Jean-Pierre and his girlfriend Aurelie. We cooked some dinner (mostly Amer) and watched some football. Actually 3 different matches, never seen so much in one day before haha. Oh, and I also got to see my first James Bond movie ever. Casino Royale. :)

Cool car without windows on the road

Cool car on the road without windows.

Driving from Geneva to Lyon through the alps.

Driving from Geneva to Lyon through the alps. Love the windows of this car, so good view!

Panorama of the apartment in Lyon. Cooking dinner.

Panorama of the apartment in Lyon. Cooking dinner.


Next: Lyon


On my way to the airport this cold and dark Saturday. Its been snowing non-stop for the last couple of days, so now its ”real” winter. I’m actually glad about it. I like when there is a lot of snow but I don’t like when it’s melting so hopefully it will stay this way until my departure.

I’ll arrive in Geneva, Amer who I met this summer at the fencing camp in Hungary is picking me up there, then we are heading to Lyon.

I’m bringing my new two loves, the waterproof lumix camera and the MacBook air. So I’ll be testing the gear I’ve bought for the south America-trip :)

I’ll keep you updated.



Roadtrip genom Europa!

Hej och hå!
Nu är vi i Lyon i Frankrike. Vi kom hit kl 7 imorse. Vi sov några timmar på vägen i bilen i schweitz.

Vi har säkert stannat 15 ggr på vägen, så vi har sett alla länders mackar och caféer ;) Haha.

Amer har en ashäftig bil som man kan dra bort halva taket på så att det bara blir glas, så man får jättefin utsikt när man åker! Det var supervackert på dagen när vi åkte igenom massvis av skogar och små byar. På natten så såg man ju inte så mkt av the surroundings, men man hade klar bild rakt upp mot stjärnorna, och jag såg ett stjärnfall!!!!!! Hur häftigt är inte det!

Farväl i Szombathely. Här med Andras Toth som är coach i Finland.

Lite smått fullpackade med tre pers, tre fäktbagar och andra småväskor. Men mys!

Lite varm vit choklad i Wien på ett kafé. Amer lyckades övertala kyparen att så att jag fick en sked med mig, den va jättefin verkligen, rolig souvenir :)

Wiener Riesenwad.. ett paris-hjul i wien som stått i över hundra år!

Utsikt från paris-hjulet i Wien.
I tyskland. Supervackert med berg och grönska.

Roadtrip i bilen med halvt tak :)

Soluppgång i Schweitz nära franska gränsen.