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With my sister Andrea, Barcelona 2012

About ”Sofia The Traveler”
I’m born in Barcelona, Spain but I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
I’m 24 years old and a vegetarian. I work within different areas of film, part-time with recruitment of film workers, part-time renting out film equipment, and also freelance as a focus puller and clapper/loader. On my free time I do different kind of sports (mostly fencing), read books, watch TV-series/film and dream about my next travel destination.

Disneyland, Paris 2008

With Dennis, Paris 2008

About my life satisfaction
I have as long as I remember felt like there is something missing in my life, but I haven’t been able to put my finger on what. I just felt that there was something more out there for me than this. But I slightly pushed these feelings in the back in my head, kept living my life, and time passed by with this little hole that I didn’t understand.

I recently lost a good friend of mine, and it always changes you in one way or another. I started to think about how short life could be. What if I died tomorrow, would I be satisfied with my life?

The answer is no.

It’s sad that a friend had to die to make me realize that I needed to take care of my life situation. Everyone should evaluate themselves from time to time.

I created a bucket list, a list where you write down everything you want to do and achieve before your die. And wow, it gave me lots of new life enthusiasm!  I really leveled up my life one level by taking the time to think about what I want to accomplish in my life.

I want to have a long happy life with a healthy lifestyle, I want to feel good, I want to get wiser, I want to travel, I want to learn, explore, discover. I want to improve my life satisfaction and my life quality. I want to feel happy. Just by knowing this, I feel more complete already, and I’m only in the beginning of my journey.

Now I think I know what that little hole was. A lack of purpose. An unsatisfied life.
Today I feel like every day is a new day, a day full of new mysteries, new opportunities, new experiences. I look forward to live my life.

Fencing camp, Hungary 2012

About my traveling
I set up a goal 2010, to visit 5 countries every year, and so far, I have manage to do it :) Usually I go alone to visit friends abroad or to CouchSurf and get new friends. Lately there have also been a few trips with the fencing group to competitions or training camps outside Sweden.

I like to live with the locals, I like to get to know “the real deal”, I like to exchange thoughts about life, I like to learn, explore and discover new things. I’m not interested in charters fancy hotels with only other tourists.

My dream is to travel around the world, but I will split it up, beginning with a little more than 6 months in South America. I’m heading to Mexico, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. I’m leaving in January 2013 and I have my ticket back in the end of July.

About this blog
Now that I’m planning my backpacking-trip to South America I’ve looked around at other travelers blogs and I’ve got a lot of inspiration. I know I’ll be doing some great stuff myself, so this blog is now open to anyone who wants to get inspiration for your coming travels or motivation to take the step to travel yourself, and to learn from my mistakes.

I will put packing lists, reviews, photos and travel guides from every destination I visit. I will post recurring posts with resumes on that specific city and country, with information about what to do, see, eat.  It’s also a lot about planning, because I couldn’t find myself enough information about how to plan a longer trip. You will not find hotel reviews, but maybe some hostel reviews, you will not find recommendations about meat-restaurants, but info about how I managed to survive as a vegetarian.

Since I try to have a healthy lifestyle, I will try to maintain in good shape while traveling too, giving you facts and tips of how to do it while traveling long-term.

I believe that every person on this earth has something interesting to tell.  By meeting and listening to others you will grow as a person. I believe in a world where we all can help each other to greater things in life by sharing our wisdom, knowledge and our stories.

It’s all about life satisfaction.


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