On this blog you’ll read about:

Travel – planning, gear, tips, personal guides, travel stories, photos and inspiration. Wellness – Healthy vegetarian food, training, self-development, motivation to achieves goals, hopes, and aspirations.

To me, wellness and travels goes hand in hand in my pursuit of life satisfaction.
By sharing my thoughts and experiences I hope you get inspired and motivated to follow your dreams and to pursuit your life satisfaction too.

This blog is – as me – in the beginning of its journey.


”Life satisfaction is the way a person perceives how his or her life has been and how they feel about where it is going in the future” – Wikipedia.

Life satisfaction represents a collective experience about your life, how you feel about your life as a whole. It might seem complicated to know how you feel, but it’s very simple to know by answering the question; how satisfied are you with your life now? If the answer is negative, the question changes – how can I improve my life situation?

”Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. ” – Wikipedia

Wellness can be defined as the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Health and happiness are two factors that contribute to being well. It’s an ongoing development of the mind and body. It’s about increasing the quality of life and to living life to its fullest potential.

Read more about me; how I travel and my pursuit of life satisfaction

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