Excursion to Lagoa Azul in Jericoacoara

On Monday we went on an excursion in Deboras car to Lagoa Azul and Lagoa do Paraiso. Where she had parked the car, there was some cajú trees, and I had my first bite of the cajú fruit! Can’t say it was my favorite, but it was fun to try. And I saved the cashew-nut as a souvenir. For you who doesn’t know, the cashew nuts comes from this tree, so it’s one nut on every fruit! Amazing huh! 

Holding a cajú fruit, the little thing there in the top is  a cashew-nut! Yeah!! One on every fruit!

Holding a cajú fruit, the little thing there in the top is a cashew-nut! Yeah!! One on every fruit!

The cashew-tree!

The cashew-tree!

The roadtrip was nice :) We passed by sand dunes, other small fishing villages and kite places, the famous lazy tree, more wild donkeys and horses, and about one hour later we arrived to a calm and beautiful lagoon. Yes damas y caballeros, damer och herrar, this is paradise!! 

Blue water, white sand, tables, chairs and hammocks IN the water!!!

Wild donkeys

Wild donkeys along the way

Lagoa azul!

Arriving in Lagoa azul!

Isn't this paradise?!

Isn’t this paradise?!

Great great day.. I was so happy… we had some wine and beers and food (I had an ice cream, because I was the only one who woke up earlier to have the big buffet breakfast at Posada Mauricio where I’m a steady guest now, haha).

Did some bracelets sitting on a chair in the water, some siesta in the hammock, some swimming in the lagoon and I also tried Stand Up Paddle!!! So much fun! :) Me and Deb hired two S.U.Ps and went around in the lagoon. The rent guys were impressed that it was my first time, said I had a very good balance. Woho :) But it was quite easy, even if it was quite windy sometimes.

Me and Debora :)

Me and Debora :)

Swimming :)

Swimming :)



Lagoa Azul... :)

Lagoa Azul… :)


Stand up paddle with Debora :)

Trying Stand up paddle with Debora :)

We met a Brazilian couple there and we joined together later to another lagoon, Lagoa do Paraiso. On our way we got stuck with the car a couple of times in the sand, and had help from other buggy drivers to get out : ) You are actually now allowed to go in normal cars there, but Debs care is quite big and steady, just that she was an inexperienced sand-driver, haha. After that, Erasmo took over and drove impressively good through the dunes!

We arrived in Lagoa da Paraiso who also was beautiful, but it was quite windy and almost nobody were there… We took a bath and then it was time to start our journey home.

Our car got stuck... jhaha

Our car got stuck in the sand… haha

Lagoa do paraiso. :)

Some love in Lagoa do paraiso. :)

Hello from Lagoa do Paraiso!

Hello from Lagoa do Paraiso! Deb, Roberta and Me



The brazilian couple in their buggy :)

Roberta and Arthur in their buggy :)

We in our car :) Hehe

We in our car :) Hehe

We arrived in the sunset and I went to Club Ventos to book another windsurf class for tomorrow, my last one. Then I met up with Erasmo in the street and hang there all the evening. We had a lot of visits from both people and animals :) I got a new best friend, a white cat, who every time she passed by came and sat in my lap. I even shared my fruit salad with her and her gray haired friend. :) I really enjoy just hanging on the main street. Now the festival is over and its so much calmer here! Almost no people around compared to the weekend!


Sunset and the fishing boats

Sunset :)

Sunset :)

Cat coming to have some of my fruit salad :)

Having fruit salad and visits from hungry cats.. haha

Nadja and Deb bought dog food to give this cute dog some food.

Nadja and Deb bought dog food to give this cute dog!

Hanging on the mainstreet with my favourite persons and cat :)

Hanging on the mainstreet with my favorite persons and the cat :)

Erasmo showed me how to do a little star with steel, damn hard, but fun! Duilio would love to do this kind of work. And, one thing Erasmo said that I’ll never forget, is “You have to come back with your boyfriend for a longer time, then I’ll show you more how to work this handicraft and also you can bring your own table and your bracelets and you put your stand here next to mine!” Oh! YEAH! Definitively!

Glaube and his girlfriend joined too, and the Brazilian couple from earlier, and we armed a little beach party of our own haha. I went home around 1.30 because I was really tired (a lot of sun today), and when I left for windsurf Erasmo hadn’t come home yet, haha!

Our gang :)

Four lovely ladies and the pimp, haha!

The Jeri-gang :)

The Jeri-gang :)

In the windsurf class, which went really good, I learned how to steer to the right and to the left. Yes, I fall like 100 times too, but now I understand a little bit more how it works, but even if I know it in my head, my body doesn’t really want to do it haha. It’s against everything that is natural!! Hahah. But it was loads of fun.

Then I met up Deb and Nadja at Pedra de Mar and had some ice cream. It will never be as good as in Argentina!! The ice cream there is really delicious. Haven’t found it anywhere else! Deb told me a little about her work and showed me some pictures (she is a midwife) in one pic, she was with the grandmother, the mother and the newborn baby… and Deb was the oldest of them all!! The grandmother was 28 years old and the mother 14 years old! Craaazy…

Wild cows and high palm trees.

Wild cows and high palm trees just where the beach ends.

Later I met Erasmo at Café Do Brazil to have lunch, he was leaving today to Fortaleza together with Debora, Nadja and Glaube. :( Buhuhu. I’m really sad actually. He has been a great host, he is so relaxed but at the same time active, always doing business :) He is very caring and funny to. I have really enjoyed my stay here! Jericoacoara will not be the same without him!

He arranged so I could share room with Mariana, Glaubes girlfriend too. :)
So I changed room, then Mariana showed me the cheapest laundry where I left some clothes hehe. I went down to the beach again, sat on the puff, had some coconut water and made some bracelets. Lovely.

Oh, in between I also went to the Tapioca place again and had the greatest Tapioca with chocolate, dulce de leche, coconut and banana… do I need to say more?? Haha!

The greatest tapioca... mmmmm

The greatest tapioca… mmmmm

I went down to the beach and I finally managed to see Capoeira… and WOW!!!!! That is SO cool! And so impossible. It’s something between a camp sport and a dance. It was really fun to see, and scary too in the beginning, but then I noticed they are in good control of their body and don’t hurt each other. I’ll upload a video of it when I can! I met with Marcin, my instructor, and walked up the main street where finally the very famous chocolate cocada-cake-stand was open! So I tried it, and yes, it was delicious, probably one of the best I have tried. :)

Capoeira on the beach!!

Capoeira on the beach!!

The famouse chocolate cocada-cake!

The famouse chocolate cocada-cake!

I met the Brazilian couple again and they told me about a Samba concert at their hotel tonight, so after a shower I went over there. Nooow I understand a little bit more about Samba. In the beginning it was empty but then just like that, a lot of people showed up, and many of them danced really good Samba, yet another impossible thing! Haha. But very fun to see! Mariana was also there and she was a really great samba-dancer!!

Samba Concert at night

Samba Concert at night

Arthur, Roberta, me and the weird white thing there in my face is a butterfly! And the shadow in my face! Haha. So fun.

Arthur, Roberta, me and the weird white thing there in my face is a butterfly! And the shadow is on my cheek! Haha. So fun.

Samba night

Samba night

After the concert I went to find a wifi spot and had an hour skype-call with Duilio (te quiero) before heading home for a good nights sleep. :)

Today I went early to the beach to have my last day here.. sat on the puff again, had a coco drink, met a swedish girl! Sent some postcards, had Acai by the beach and picked up my laundry… In the evening I watched the capoeira again, then packed the bag, had dinner with Mariana and then off to Fortaleza…:(

Last day:

The main square during the day. Had to have the famous boat in some picture :)

The main square during the day. Had to have the famous boat in some picture :)

Windsurfers and a man playing capoeira-music

Windsurfers and a man playing capoeira-music

Football on the beach

Football on the beach

Beautiful sunset

Sunset again

Had dinner with Mariana at Cafe do Brazil. A eggplant sandwish, very good!!

Had dinner with Mariana at Cafe do Brazil. A eggplant sandwish, very good!!

Byeeee Jericoacoara :(


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