Florianópolis feels like my place :)

The bus ride to florianopolis went well and I arrived around 19.30.  One thing along the way I like here in Brazil is that they always stop for 30 minutes in a place that has a buffet where you pay for what you eat. Good and cheap!

When I got to Florianopolis I took a bus to CIC, which is the culture center. I met up with my Couchsurfing host Nery there who was going to a  free fil-orchestra concert there with his friends. The concert was beautiful. And so were Nery and his friends. So tall! Two of them are like 2 meters. Haven’t seen anyone that tall since I left Sweden I think (except for Miel in Mexico haha).

I was surprised that they were all gay and they were two couples too. I didn’t know but apparently Florianopolis is some kind of gay-capital (?) Perfect for me! (I usually enjoy their company much more, don’t know why really, I just feel more comfortable, and also I have more fun, haha) 


Free concert in CIC. :)


Florianopolis filorchestra

After the concert we went home to Nery, he lives in Lagoa da Concecão, which is a bit from the center, behind a hill and next to a beautiful lagoon. Here it’s much more calmer then in the city, there is lot of surfers and skaters around here and people walk in whatever they want and flip flops. In Porto Alegre I though every woman was wearing high heels but here almost no one does (well, in the clubs they do).

On Friday Nery went to work and he lent me his bike. It was a perfect day, the sun was shining and it was neither hot or cold. I took the bike and biked around Lagoa, and it’s beautiful!! Can’t put my finger on what it is. There’s just nothing like it.

There’s this huge lagoon that is really ground and peaceful, where you see people do stand up paddle, jet ski or just out with their boats. The lagoon is surrounded by mountains, sand dunes, a mix of jungle/forest and all these small pretty houses in different colors and shops with surf and beach stuff, arts and crafts, galleries etc.

Lagoa da Conceicão. So peaceful!

Lagoa da Conceicão. So peaceful!

View over Lagoa do Conceicão

View over Lagoa do Conceicão

Stand up paddle in Lagoa :)

Stand up paddle in Lagoa :)

I went to the beach “Praia do Joaquina” which is on the other side of a hill facing the ocean. By the way, Florianopolis is an island in the state Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil. It’s considered to be one of the most secure places in Brazil, and it really is! I can walk around alone at night without any problem, even with the Iphone in my hand.

The beach was huge, white sand but dark water. It was quite windy and not so much people and surfers as I would have thought. What most surprised me, even if I already knew, is that women have so small bikinis here, and guys have speedos!! Hahaha. Yeah! Almost all the guys wear small speedos and have no chest hair either. And the women, no matter if they are fat or skinny, old or young, have tangas! Not completely tangas, but they show a lot more than half the but. Filled with cellulite and everything. It feels really weird.

Praia do Joaquina in Florianopolis

Praia do Joaquina in Florianopolis

At night I met up with Nery in the city center and went to a pub called Container which is close to the University, and it was really crowded with people of all kind, but nice hang out! We met up with Leo (from the concert) and Diego, who is an exchange student from Quito in Ecuador! Apparently both me, Nery and Diego are vegetarians, so we shared a veggie pizza there. Nery told me that it’s very common to be a vegetarian in Florianopolis, almost all his friends are. And they have a lot of organic food and restaurants too. Yes, definitively my place!

Nery, Leo and Diego :)

Nery, Leo and Diego :)

With my host Nery!

With my host Nery!

Pub Container close to the uni in Florianopolis

Pub Container close to the uni in Florianopolis

We were supposed to see a friend of theirs dancing afro dance, but we missed it exactly. Funny thing, she had studied in Santa Fe in Argentina for 6 months of all places!! Haha. We all went home to Nery and I met Carlos which is a Spanish guy who has been living in Florianopolis for 4 years now :) Later we went out to a club here in Lagoa (20 reials entrance fee) called “Casa de Noca” where a famous local band was playing, “Ze do pife”. They play regional music from the north-east of Brazil, really nice! It was an older man playing the flute and three girls in different ages and types playing drums, flute and triangle. So cool!

Local band "Ze do pife" playing regional music!

Local band ”Ze do pife” playing regional music!

It really was an experience to go out here, it’s such a mixture of different kind of Brazilians together with foreigners who lives in Florianopolis, and everyone was so friendly and happy, dancing crazily on the floor to for me very strange tribal music haha! I danced to “forron” music which is Brazilian, and there’s not really any logic in the music either, now that I just learned how and when you do the steps to salsa, merengue, bachata and cumbia… and now I get to Brazil where the music is totally different! I didn’t understand anything but I had lots of fun! Hahaha..

Also once a guy just took my hand and brought me into the center of the local and I was like “whaat?” but there everyone was holding hands in a circle and dancing around in circles too, it’s called “Ciranda” and is also a Brazilian thing. SO much fun!!! It felt like everyone connected there, like we were all united, not just strangers to each other!

Yeah, I really like it here.  All of Nerys friends are great and the others too! Haha. And people are SO beautiful!! I don’t know if they really are or if it just seems like that.. they all have like a special glow! It just feels so relaxed here and people are just in harmony, and they are so welcoming and open-minded!!

Also, so many speak Spanish!! At least Portuñol as they say :) I’m really surprised.. and glad! :)



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