Hello from the Brazilian side of the Iguaçu falls

I had a nice breakfast at my hostel in Puerto Iguazu in Argentina before taking the bus to Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil. It was a regular urban bus, costed 8 Argentinian pesos (like 1-1,5 USD), nice price.

We stopped at the Argentinian border and since my Visa had expired I had to wait a while there to get my papers in order. I knew I had to pay 300 pesos, but I thought it was going to be in cash, so I had saved exactly 300 pesos. But no, apparently you can’t do that, instead yo do it with your Visa card online. They could have told me that when I e-mailed migrations about the rules… but they never answered. Anyhow. In the end there were no problems, just took an extra hour.

No problems at the Brazilian side either. Then I had to walk about 1-2 km down the road from the border to take another bus that goes directly to the national park (where the falls are). If you take the bus from the border, you have to head into the city center to take it.

Weird that in just a few hundred meters -between the both migration borders – the language changes. People now don’t understand what I say! Haha. Gonna be fun!!

Luckily I could pay with Argentinian pesos both on the bus to the falls and the entrance fee, so I got rid of all my Argentinian pesos which aren’t worth anything outside Argentina.

The park was really well-organized. I jumped on a nice bus accompanied by a voice who told me about the stops and what you could do there, both in portuguese and english. Most of the things weren’t included in the entrance fee though (the bus was of course).

I jumped of at the start of the trail, which is only one on the brazilian side compared to three on the Argentinian side. But hen I got down to where it started – I got all ”aaaahhhhh!!!!!” So damn beautiful.

Me in the beginning of the trail!

Me in the beginning of the trail!

I didn’t really understand how it all hanged together yesterday but today I got a whole new perspective over the falls. Is like a panorama view. And the weather was great too. So so beautiful. Every viewpoint more beautiful than the other! And the end is just AMAZING!

The falls and the river where I took the boat yesterday

On the other side of the falls and the river where I took the boat yesterday

Lovely view over the falls!

Lovely view, look how strong the water falls are!!

I think garganta del diablo is in the end there!

I think garganta del diablo is in the end there!




Waterfalls. I just want to stick my hand in there!

Waterfalls. I just want to stick my hand in there! Would probably break.

Amazing how strong they are!!

Insane how much water there is!! Just never-ending!!

Ahhhh!!!! Crazy loud!!

Ahhhh!!!! Crazy loud and crazy excited!!

I had enough time to do the trail (about 1,3 km) in a couple of hours – but I could have stayed much longer too just because it was so breath-taking. But I was sort of in a hurry.

I had asked the information about the bus station and they said that the park was about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from the bus station!!! And I hadn’t even bought my ticket for Porto Alegre yet, which I wanted to take at 19. So I had to leave the park at the latest 16.

On my way back I jumped of at the center to change bus to the ”Rodoviaria” (bus station). I was waiting there when a Portuguese couple asked me about the bus to the Rodoviaria. We waited for a while, but then shared a taxi for about 18 reiales to the bus station. Such a sweet couple, they were both exchange students in Florianopolis and both spoke good spanish, so they helped me out to buy my ticket and to order vegetarian food. Then we changed numbers so that we can get in contact when I get to Florianopolis :)

Life is so nice!!

I was lucky to have the front seat on the bus on my way to Porto Alegre too, because it has a much bigger space for the feet. Also I didn’t have anyone beside me on the whole 12 hours bus journey (who became 13,5 hours since we had technical problems in the middle and had to change bus) so I had plenty of space!


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