Finally a video from Argentina

It’s been a while since I last uploaded a video!

This video is only from Argentina, a mix from the first and the second period. I haven’t uploaded anything yet from Bolivia who came in between my two visits to Argentina. Since I’ve been a total of 4,5 months here, these 5 minutes aren’t much.

I haven’t done anything really touristic either, so this is just a gathering of a few events. Trombonanza, ”El dia del amigo”/ ”international friendship day”, a few sunsets, Duilios family, boat trip on the Santa Fe river, some fencing in Rosario, a trip to Buenos Aires, a few roller coasters from the amusement park there, a wedding and a fishing trip in Santa Fe.




1 tanke på “Finally a video from Argentina

  1. My dear daughter,

    The fish looks better with the yellow color than our a bit boring aborrar :).
    I saw you do the shooting and I know you are a responsible person but still not so much like.

    Duilio has my sympathies in his dislike for roller coasters.

    Did you both go for that Vertigo thing? Awful it seems to me. I’m a very very coward.

    Just about to leave for today’s classes. Take care and have fun.
    Biggest hug from Mamma.


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