Salt flakes tour – day 3 & 4

After breakfast (we got up at 7, so it was ok) we went to Laguna Colorada where we finally could see flamingos!! : ) They usually migrate to warmer countries during winter, but there were plenty of them in Laguna Colorada and later in Laguna Cañapa. We also crossed the Desert of Siloli where de famous ¨Arbol de Piedra¨or ¨Stone Tree¨ can be seen and other big rocks… there was quite much snow there, and you noticed the tourists there who aren’t used to snow haha, they were all throwing snowballs at each other : ) After that we went to a lot of different small lagoons, Laguna Ramaditas, Laguna Honda, Laguna Chiarkota, Laguna Hediond and lastly the Laguna Cañapa. We passed by an active volcano that had smoke and then we passed by the  small Salar De Chiguana  before we arrived at San Juan where we spent the night. It was all made of salt, the beds (not the matrasses though) the chairs, tables, floor, walls… everything :)
This was also the place were you could charge your camera, phew, because I was almost out of battery!! (the cold eats it up). We played some cards again and had an early night sleep.


Laguna Colorada and some flamingos


Laguna cañapa. Beautiful!



Me photographing some flamingos (david took this pic)

Me photographing some flamingos (david took this pic)

A fox.

A fox.


Me and the famous stone tree :) All natural!

Volcanic rocks

Volcanic rocks

Snowball fight haha.

Snowball fight haha.

Our room at the salt hostel.

Our room at the salt hostel. Everything is made of salt! Walls, floor, beds..


Haha, such a funny pic…. group picture of the four of us in the salt hostel :) We laugh so much together!

Day 4: SAN JUAN –
Once again we woke up at 5 to drive to the Salar de Uyuni where we watched the sunrise. Then we went to Isla del Pescado, where there are giant cactuses and a nice viewpoint over the whole salar. We had our breakfast there and then we drove out in the middle of nowhere in the Salar de Uyuni and took loads of pictures and had our lunch there. Then we went to the first Salar Hotel and then a lodized salt processing plant in Colchani. Then we had a stop at a market where we bought some souvenirs and then drove to the town of Uyuni (ugly) where we visited the Train Cementary.. The trains was taken out of service 1825 but Bolivia don’t have what it takes to recycle it, so they were just put there in Uyuni instead… After that they left us at Uyuni around 14.30 where David, Jessika and Anne were staying one night. My bus didn’t leave until 20 so I joined them, I payed 20 bs to storage my bag there and to take a shower.. ah lovely hot shower!! :D Then we went to minuteman pizza, in the lonely planet book it is said to be the best pizza in bolivia… and damn it was goooood. :) Time flew by and I had to go to the bus terminal to take the bus to La Paz. It costed 105 bs (around 15 USD) with Cruz del Norte, and I arrived at la paz around 6.30 in the morning.


In Isla del Pescado, with gigant cactuses, like 2000 years old


Breakfast :)


Haha.. what to say.. I’m like a puppet.


Blowing away Jessika and David.. :)


Crushing Anne! Hehehe


Eating Anne and Jessika.. yummi!


I can jump over our car.. and Anne.. hehe


A lot of flags represented, but no Swedish or Spanish flag… damn it, should have brought one!


salt processing plantation


The train cementary… :)


Sooo goood pizza….!! Mmmm…

more pics



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