Roadtrip with the Hare Krishna


Esteban left today, but he’ll be back in 5 days or so, good.. haha. I can’t deal with more good byes right now! Everybody except Didac here are going to leave during this week.  I feel more depressed when other people leave me then when I leave them. I think it’s because I’m still in the same place and I have memories here with them, so it makes it harder to get used to being here without them. But when I’m the one who is leaving, I get sad because they life keeps going on but without me in the picture. But it’s easier, because I go to a new place where I don’t have any memories of them there, so it’s only in my mind and not in the surroundings….

Roadtrip with devotes and volunteers! Singing in the bus :)

Roadtrip with devotes and volunteers!

Anyhow.. I wrote that a couple of days ago. Yesterday we had a day off, so we did a small excursion out to a park where there are pools and slides. We had lunch there are played volleyball too. It was very nice to do something else with all the devotes. So weird to see them “as normal people” with swim clothes and throwing them down the slides haha.  The bus ride there was looong though… they woke us up at 4.45 and were like “the bus leaves in 30 minutes! Get ready!” so we did, and then we sat there waiting for hours for everybody and for the food.. So we didn’t leave until around 7… and then we got stuck in traffic on the way… so I think we arrived like around 13 or something. Very long bus trip! 
And the same on our way back, but we stopped by another Hare Krishna temple there that comes from another kind of Hare Krishna, this is more hindu and they  come from a part called Viscos or something like that, while the one in Eco Truly Park is Brindas… yeah…

In the pool! We had some swim competitions :) So weird to see everyone in their bathing suits.

In the pool! We had some swim competitions :) So weird to see everyone ”normal”, in their bathing suites, relaxing and having a good time.

Walking around in the area. :)

Walking around in the area. :)

But I really enjoyed the road trip mainly because it was the first time I really hang out with the devotes and not only the volunteers. I got to know them in a total other way. Heard about all the internal “love problems” over here and stuff haha. But also I dared to ask them more personally stuff, like how they became Hare Krishna and about their life and their futures now. It’s quite interesting, mostly of the young devotes have only been here for a year or two, and found it by themselves. One because she went to a Hare Krishna restaurant and loved the food, the other because he fell in love with a girl who was Hare Krishna.. etc.

It took me like a week to realize that they are just like regular people, except for they pray and sing songs every night. But it wasn’t until yesterday I hadn’t spoken to them as regular people either, but with the respect of someone religious who you don’t know how to talk to really..

It’s really a nice religion. I like the ecological, spiritual and vegetarian way of living… But every temple has their own believes and rules, even if they all are Hare Krishna there are different kinds of it.. like in the temple were we are, it’s quite cool and “modern” compared to others, one girl had been doing her service in another temple and they were much more harder, for example the woman is not supposed to show their body in front of men,  so she wears quite much long-sleeved clothes and didn’t swim in the pool with the others, or a woman can’t be alone with another devote in the same room, because it can be tempting.. it’s not like that here… Good. I’m not a big fan of that “fanatic” thing with rules. This suites me fine.

another temple a little bit more different

another temple a little bit more different

Another beautiful temple

Inside of the temple .. beautiful!

Today Amy left us… haha, she knows how I feel about the good byes, so she was like ”Don’t cry now!” haha.. We aren’t so many left here now, but it arrived 3 other girls here who are staying for a week, and I think I’ll be staying until next tuesday, so 6 more days,  so there won’t be more good byes then! :) Oh well, I will have 2 more good byes with Rainer and Liona, who also are two of the ”original troup” who has been here all the time while I’ve been here who are leaving this week.. Then no more good byes before I leave, hopefully! Oh.. well there are some devotes who are leaving too this week… well… I guess it’s never-ending so I’ll just have to get used to it!! Damn it.


Until next!


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