Some reflexions about Eco Truly Park


Nothing special has really happened here since I wrote the last time. The easter is over and it’s more calm now, like when I got here. There are like 6 other people here that has been here since I got here,  but they are all leaving this week, which also makes me sad. The new volunteers have already left.

Love this dream catchers!

Love this dream catchers!

I think I’ll be here for one more week before leaving. I’m starting to appreciate this much more now and getting into it. If you go to this place, try to be here at least 1 week. I started to really enjoy it after 5 days, because in the beginning I was a little bit confused and unfomfortable. Mainly it’s because I’ve always experienced that religios people try to convert you into their religion, and they sound fanatic when talk about God and all the rules of how you are supposed to live your life. But here they don’t try to convert you, they accept that believe in other things, they just expect you to respect the rules they are living by.

In the beginning it was difficult since nobody gave you a proper introduction and told you what’s rude and what’s not, but everyday you find out something new.
For example, if you are cooking or serving food to the others, your mouth and hands must be clean. That means that you can’t serve yourself more food if you haven’t rinsed your mouth before. When you are in the temple you can’t put the book on the floor, neither blow out a candle with your mouth.. The four build stones are no sex before marriage, no alcohol or drugs and no meat.

Well, sometimes they sound a little fanatic. There was like a preaching in the temple before when a woman was talking about Krishna, I didn’t hear the whole thing and just listened for a while, but it sounded fanatic like “Everything belongs to Krishna, and when you realize that even your heart doesn’t belong to you, but to Krishna, that’s when you find peace” or something… bla bla. That’s what I don’t like about religions, when they make you feel like that God is the only God and everything else is wrong..

Me in the temple, after both music therapy and this ceremony.. that's why I have 2 dots :)

Me in the temple, after both music therapy and this ceremony.. that’s why I have 2 dots :)

But usually, I feel that everybody here is in harmony, and they are not egoistic at all. They are spiritual, sharing and caring, but the main thing I like is that they are all taking care of each other, always helping each other out even if they are tired. I mean, even if they are tired they always offer their help to the other. No one is ego or looks the other way.  And they should be tired! They go to the temple every morning at 4 in the morning, and they don’t have any weekends or anything, everyday is work! We that volunteer has only 4 hours of work everyday, but they don’t really have any regulations, they do what must be done, so it’s basically the whole day and every day in the week.

Guillermo, my farmer boss :) So cute with his shovel!

Guillermo, my farmer boss :) So cute with his shovel!


Me at work ;)

Francesco was like that too, he always offered his help to everybody in such a kind way. I remember after we had eating all those pies I bought the last day he was here, just a couple of hours before he was leaving, he wanted to take the plate to the dishes, and I knew he had things to pack and was short of time, so I said “Leave it, I’ll take it” and he was like “nooo, I’ll do it!” and I had to say it like 3 times that I’m going to take it, and then he was like really really thankful.. I mean, he needed that time to go and pack his things, but still he was to nice to ask for it himself, but to offer to dish the plate we all had used. So not egoistic at all. He and the other devotes here has inspired me to be more nice to the people around me and share what I have with the ones around me. I’ve always been hoarding things, like if I had a beautiful pencil, I would rather save it for later then use it now. I don’t offer people things if they don’t ask for it you know.. because I might need to use it later. I haven’t even thought about that before. And that is so egoistic . Yesterday, I guy here told me he was going to sleep outside in a hammock, and it’s quite cold here, so I asked him if he had a sleeping bag, and he said that he had one but that it’s broken, so I offered him to use my sleeping bag. That’s a thing I surely wouldn’t have done a couple of weeks ago.. I feel that I’m changing to a better person here.

The other thing I don’t like here is that it costs 15 USD per day to volunteer here. You get accommodation and 3 meals per day, but you still work 4 hours per day. It’s quite expensive for being here, this is more then what I spend for accommodation and food in every other place.. and that’s without working! But.. I learn new things, have yoga, have music therapy, nice company etc.. I think it’s a good experience. All though it’s half the price if you don’t have the accommodation, so some people are sleeping in tents or in hammocks here. That means that you are basically paying for food, but still working… and the last 4 days now during easter, the good breakfasts I told you about before with fruits and granola, has only been offered to the other guests here, not to the volunteers or devotes… so we had had like rice and carrots for breakfast, more like lunch… buhu. And I love the typical breakfasts, it feels a little bit unfair that we are paying for the food but don’t get regular breakfasts as the other guests, but I guess they are paying a lot more… Well.. anyhow!

One of our gardens - and we planted these beads like  one week ago and they are now spiring!!!

One of our gardens – and we planted these beads like one week ago and they are now spiring!!! You see the small green dots!

Today in the kitchen I sort of felt like I got friends with Mother Santa, the cook, she hasn’t really been that easy to talk to the other days, but today I felt like I was her right hand, which felt good. : )

Another thing that I’ve noticed when we walk here, is that there is no rush here, we walk so damn slowly everywhere without even reflecting about it. If we are going to breakfast, to work, to the beach, to the temple, to our rooms.. doesn’t matter, we walk suuuperslowly together. Haha.

Well.. that’s some of my reflections for now. Until next!


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