Last day in San Cristóbal

This morning I woke up early and had some breakfast out in another place… I’m glad they have “dietetic breakfast” here, which means fruits, yoghurt and müsli. I’m a little tired of bread or fried things in the morning.

Full and happy, “Barriga llena corazón contento”, I started walking towards La Loberia, a beach that is home to a large sea-lion colony and nursery. suddenly I’m in the airport?! It’s like 10 minutes away from the city.. Strange! Haha. Well, it’s good to know where it is! I go back again to find the right way, and about 20 minutes later I reach the shore.

unfortunately there aren’t almost any sea lions there… but some pelicans and sea turtles. Also, I met the family from the tour to Leon Dormido yesterday.. they are soooo sweet! It’s a brother and a sister, their parents and their grandmother. They live in Guayaquil and are also leaving with the flight tomorrow, and they offered to show me around there tomorrow, I really do have luck sometimes! : )

I think this one was sick... we thought it was dead at first but when the water came with a wave it moved its head... since you are not allowed to touch the animals you can't help them either... :(

I think this one was sick… we thought it was dead at first but when the water came with a wave it moved its head… since you are not allowed to touch the animals you can’t help them either… :(

Snorkeling with a sea turtle :)

Snorkeling with a sea turtle :)

With Patricia on the beach of la loberia

With Patricia on the beach of la loberia

And with Jesua, the younger brother :)

And with Jesua, the younger brother :)

We took a lot of pictures together, I don’t know why but they were like.. “Take a picture of me and Sofia”, first one with the son, then one with the father, then one with both, then one with the sister, then one with the whole family but changing the photographer so everyone gets one when they are in the pic… haha. I’ll upload the pics with the whole family when they send it, so you can se what a beautiful family they are!

After la Loberia I went to Cerro Tijeretas, which is a hill close to the Darwin interpretation center, with a spectacular view of the town, harbour and the beaches… And while walking that road around the hills, it started to rain, like a lot lot lot.. haha. I was totally soak wet. I’m so glad I have my waterproof backpack, it’s the best thing I’ve brought with me, always useful when I’m going to the beach, diving or just walking when it starts to rain etc..



Raining a little bit!!

Raining a little bit!!

In a view point in cierro tijeretas..

In a view point in cierro tijeretas..

Hiding from the rain....

Hiding from the rain in Punto Carola….

After the hill, I visited Carola point, Mann beach and the Charles darwin interpretation center, where you can learn about both the geological and human history of the islands, history etc.

One thing a guide in Isabela told me, is that the Galapagos is moving around 6 cm every year, going more and more towards the south east…The archipelago is now located in the Nazca plate, which is moving to the south-eash, diving under the South American Plate.. so when they get there they are dragged into the water.. Biologists have found old Galapagos-islands under the water… meaning that in the future, these islands that are the Galapagos today will all be drowned.. I got sad when I heard this, but you shouldn’t be, because they will come new galapagos islands! This location always gives birth to new islands, because it’s on top of a hotspot where the Earth’s crust is being melted down by a mantle plume, creating volcanoes.. :) They don’t know how when the first island was created, but it could be from 8 to 90 millions of years ago… The youngest islands, Isabela and Fernandina, are still being formed, they both have had volcanic eruptions the past years..

At night I went out with Patricia and Jesua to a place called ”Iguana Rock”, that’s where my divemaster told me I should go yesterday… but it was quite dead there, generally San Cristobal is a very calm and relaxed place, not so much party. Since our flight was leaving next morning (oh yeah, apparently we had the exact same flight) we had an early night.

With the siblings Gonzales.. as Jesue said "Look, we have the same hair color!" haha. We do :)

With the siblings Gonzales.. as Jesue said ”Look, we have the same hair color!” haha. We do :)


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