Last day in Isabela and in Santa Cruz – visiting the volcano, doing night snorkel etc..

I had some early breakfast at Aloha Betsys (so good and much cheaper than the other places… really my favorite place on the island.. At 7.15, the tour guy picked me up there to go to the volcano Sierra Negra.

It’s the second biggest crater in the world, but the biggest one that is active, since it had it’s lasts eruption in 2005. It is huuuuuuuuge! The trail is around 8 km there and then the way back, and it’s not a very easy terrain, and the sun gazing… and my legs that hurt from yesterdays climbing.. hehe. I was so sweaty, like as if I had been showering… but it was great! I really loved the walk!! And I met some great people and had nice chats (since we were walking for like 7 hours,..haha)

In front of the biggest active crater in the world!

In front of the biggest active crater in the world!

Thumbs up! :)

Fascinating surroundings.

Panorama del volcan

Panorama de  Sierra Negra

I got a text from J that he was on Isabela too with a daily  tour group, and that he could take me with him back to Santa Cruz.. I had in mind to take the boat next morning, but as he said “The boat for Santa cruz leaves at 5 in the morning tomorrow, or you could come back with me this afternoon for free and we could do night snorkel in Santa cruz…” haha. An offer I can’t refuse! So when I got back from the volcano, all dirty and sweaty, I passed by my room to get my stuff, paid for the room and met up with him to go back.. He greeted me as his girlfriend… I think I was Davids girlfriend on my way here, and J on my way back… haha.

Oh, and on the way back we saw dolphins, and they jumped!!!! It was amazing, I got it on video too, so happy!!

El delfin saltando!!!!

Jumping dolphin! Finally on picture!!

Jas con su grupo en la lancha hacia Santa Cruz

en la lancha hacia Santa Cruz

When we got back in Santa Cruz he helped me to find a gift for David, then we split up to go home to leave our things and then we met up to do the night snorkel. We went to get some dive lamps and the gear, then we took the boat taxi to one of his friends boats to get wetsuits and stuff and then out in the night… sooooo beautiful to go by boat at night in the port there between all the boats with small lights and the reflexes in the water… amazing really. And the sky was so clear you could se millions of stars, amazing!! Unfortunately, the water was not was clear as the sky… so we didn’t see any sharks around there, but we saw many lobsters, and also brought a few back for the friend who lent us his boat. Once again, an amazing experience! I’m so thankful!

Me after my first night snorkel :)

Me after my first night snorkel :)

Next day I was supposed to leave for San Cristobal in the afternoon, but David said it would be better if I took it the next morning, so he could talk to his family in San Cristobal and we could say a proper good bye with the gang today and stuff.. He also told me some big news he just had found out about, that he is going to be a father! Congratulations :)

I went to Tortuga bay, finally. It is a big beautiful beach with white sand and lots of iguanas :) It made me think of the Caribbean cost of Mexico.. hehe. I was really tired and tried to have a siesta at the beach under some trees, but the mosquitos bit me so much I had to leave.. haha. On the way back I had clouds, woho, because you have to walk around 30-40 minutes to get there, which I did in the sun on my way there.. hehe.

Panorama over Tortuga bay

Panorama over Tortuga bay

There are so many here!!!

There are so many here!!!

I went home to have some siesta and waited for David to come home from work, but he didn’t.. I got a little bit worried, waited for some hours but then I went to internet to upload pics to the blog and to skype with Duilio, and hadn’t heard anything from David still… no answer in the phone or anything. Around 22ish he calls me,  says he doesn’t know where he is.. I got a little bit worried, but apparently he was with his friends who got the news today, and they had taken him out to celebrate right after work. Maribel or Kiara wasn’t at home and I wanted to do something so I met up with J. We had some deep talk, he also said that he feels that he can tell me things he doesn’t usually tell people, mainly since I’m not from the islands but speak Spanish.. Another guy I met at Sierra Negra, the volcano, opened up to me too about his wife and father etc…
I feel really glad I give that impression to people.

So… that’s it. And I’m sad to leave Santa Cruz…. Why is it that I always have to leave when I start to feel at home? It hurts. And all the amazing people… It’s weird that their lives will keep on here in the islands, while I’m not here… I wish there was 10 Sofias so I could live in different places at the same time.


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