Galápagos – where the party is?

Haha. I would never have thought that I would go out so much here. I’m as you know not much for going out, I don’t think I’ve even been out as many times during my whole trip as I’ve been here in the Galápagos! Haha. But it’s easy here, everything is close around here and people are very spontaneous.. :)

At night after the dive me and David had dinner at the same place where I’ve already eaten dinner for 3 times now, haha, it’s called Hono-Tuki, it’s down close to the harbour and the fish market, where there is a tree with a tortoise. It costs 8-13 USD for a really good meal there. It’s delicious!

The restaurant behind this tree with a turtle, it's called honu tuki or something like that, have reaaally great food!

The restaurant behind this tree with a turtle, it’s called honu tuki and have reaaally great food!

After that we went to the disco Panga where we met up Lotti, the swedish girl from earlier. At home she dances bugg and foxtrot, you notice she is a really good dancer but this salsa is so different for us! She called an early night though since she still was quite sick.. too bad, because later it got reaaally crowded, and I danced a lot of salsa and merengue. Funny! I think I’ll skip regueton until I can practice together with Duilio later, haha.

Lotti is almost giving up.. haha. this guy was a really bad salsa teacher!

Lotti is almost giving up.. haha. this guy was a really bad salsa teacher!

David showing the basics in how to dance regueton.. ;)

David showing the basics in how to dance regueton.. ;)

Next day I walked around in city and bought some souvenirs and postcards, which I also managed to send! Yes, true! You can by stamps here in almost every shop and there is also mailboxes a little bit everywhere, finally!! Haha. Later I was supposed to go to tortuga bay, and I asked for the way twice, but they speak so fast here and maybe they don’t understand me or something, because I did not arrive there at all.. instead I got to playa de los alemanes again, haha. So I snorkel there :) Tortuga bay closes at 17 and this was around 16 so I wouldn’t have time to go there anyways.

A weird fluffy house I pass by every day on my way home.. had to take a picture! haha

A fluffy house I pass by every day on my way home.. had to take a picture! haha

I was quite tired at night and thought I would have a night home, I played birthday party with Kiara, but then she went to sleep…I was restless and I got some texts from J that they were going to eat sushi at Pelikan bar (or something), so I got dressed and went there to met up with J and Ronald who I also met on Wednesday, and with David.. We got down to a muelle where there are small artisan’s shops, where there were some local people playing on guitar, bongos, shells etc and singing local songs.. very nice!! Love that sort of hang out :)

Out having sushi and daiquiris!

Out having sushi and daiquiris with Ronald, David and J!

Singing some songs from the galapagos

Jamming and singing some songs from the galapagos

With my host David at Bongo bar

With my host David at Bongo bar

Later we went to Bongo bar (lots of tourists and more people there that I’ve seen in the island haha).. but it was a nice atmosphere.. then we went to Ocean blue (or something like that) not so god atmosphere… some people started fighting outside, I don’t know why but as David commented, it’s probably because of love… when you spend your whole life on a small island, there is always an ex around the corner.. haha. Anyhow.

By the way, people seems to tell me some things that none of their friends know about..
Today one guy told me he was drank to escape reality, that he’s depressed, but his friends all think everything is great,.. another guy told me about a sickness he had that almost costed him his life, and none of his friends knew about that either… also in Quito a guy told me he was sad and were going to leave the party, said good bye to me but not to anybody else, and nobody knew why he left.. I don’t know if it’s because I’m sober, or if I’m good in doing conversation or something.. but I’m glad people open up to me!

Anyhow.. We came back home around 4 in the morning, and both J and David had to wake up around 6.30 to go to work… poor them!!

1 tanke på “Galápagos – where the party is?

  1. así que quieres practicar conmigo reggaeton..??? yo te adverti de como se bailaba jajajajja- ya en cozumel hemos tenido una pequeña clase de cumbia, luego la seguiremos….!!!!


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