Haha. I know.. I fall in love in everything. 

This is my last day in Quito, and I’m so sad. Damn me who had to buy my flight tickets so much ahead!! I love this city and I would have loved to stay a little longer…

Since I didn’t have so many days here and there was a lot to do, I haven’t had time to write any posts! Sorry.. now it’s late and I have to wake up in 6 hours, but I will do this post now so I don’t forget my impressions. It’s going to be long!!

Quito is a colonial town in the middle of the mountains. It’s around 2800 metres above sea level, so the weather is quite cold here. During the days it’s around 25 degrees but at night it can be around 10 degrees. But I don’t find it as cold as San Cristobal in Mexico. The cities are similar because of the clime and the mountains, but the people aren’t the same. San Cris is more of a hippie place and this is a capital city. And it’s so clean here! Really beautiful. And the air is so fresh!

View over the hill and the beautiful houses.

View over the hill and the beautiful houses.

People here are very friendly and calm! Really relaxed. What strikes me the most is that everyone here dress very well and are very beautiful. Generally, I feel bad when I say this, but Mexicans aren’t that good-looking. I find everyone here good-looking (almost). Also, besides some young boys around the age of 8-10 who works in the center cleaning shoes, I haven’t seen so many more poor people. They don’t come and beg you for money or to buy things here. Very relaxed.

I arrived here on Friday. There is a new airport here, the old one was in town, and the new one is about one and a half hour away. The funny thing is that they haven’t really managed to have any good connections, so you have to either take a bus to the old airport and from there the bus to town, or take another bus to a terminal and from there change to a trolley. I took the last one, and along the way we had problems with traffic and were stuck around 40 minutes, haha. It costed 2 dollars. On the “airport bus” I met a guy, Hermal, who was going sort of the same way as I was, so he helped me at the terminal of Rio Coca to change to the Eco Via (like a trolley, 25 cents) who took me to the place where my host lives. We spoke along the way and it turns out that he is also on couchsurfing!! Haha, so fun.  Also, a tip is: do not take the eco via with a big backpack on your back! It’s sort of impossible to get out when it’s crowded. Thankfully people are very helpful here and they all helped me to push my way out and to scream to let me out, haha. : )

My host Bogar, he laughs so much that his head got blurry, haha. Behind him is his own designed furniture, cool huh!

My host Bogar, he laughs so much that his head got blurry, haha. Behind him is his own designed furniture, cool huh!

Got home around 18, or to my host Bogar. He lives in the center, close to the Mariscal, in a new and  fresh apartment, very artistic and clean. He is super super sweet, laughing all the time. I felt so welcome! He made the bed, lended me blankets, and two towels! Such a luxury for a backpacker to feel some good towels instead of the thin travel-towel. Haha.
He also let me try Pan de yuca, a bread made of yuca, a root typical from here. We had the thought of going out to dance salsa, but I was really tired and we went out for a walk around the mariscal area. This area is considered the center of the entertainment with a lots and lots of pubs and discos, I grabbed some food and then we had an early night home.

I slept soooo good! It’s cold at night, but the house is warm.. Still I had lots of blankets and I slept like a baby. I was so tired.. and I can say this was one of the best nights sleep I had during my trip haha.

Next day we went out to buy some breakfast and then I went to the historical center to go to a couchsurfing meeting that was going for a walk around there.

I bought the greatest coffee here, one of the first coffee shops in Quito, still using old grinds...oh!

I bought the greatest coffee here, one of the first coffee shops in Quito, still using old grinds…oh!

If you only need 1 egg, you can buy it here if you want... haha.

If you only need 1 egg, you can buy it here if you want… haha.

Typical food from ecuador; quimbolitos, humitas and other stuff.. mmmm!

Typical food from ecuador; quimbolitos, humitas and other stuff.. mmmm!

I took the trolley into the historical center, and two people are standing next to me talking about some meeting to the Otavalo market today. I had just read a post about that on couchsurfing, so I listen a little bit more and then ask them if they are from couchsurfing, and yes! They were also going to this meeting. The world is little! So I had help to find my place to the meeting since Gabriela is from Quito.

Having some ice cream and coffee at a great café. I tried two new tastes, Taxo and Maracuya. MMm!

Having some ice cream and coffee at a great café. I tried two new tastes, Taxo and Maracuya. MMm!

We were 2 spanish, me and Francisco, one Australian girl, Nancy, and four Ecuadorian, Maxi, Erick, Gabriela and Danna. We walked around the town for like 6 hours. The historical center here is one of the best preserved centers in americas. It was also the first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO in 1978!

We visited Plaza Grande, the church of San Francisco, the street la Ronda, The basilica, 2 different museums (free), and so on. And Quito is so beautiful! Narrow streets uphill and downhills everywhere surrounded by big mountains. Is magical.

Lots of doves at the Plaza de San Francisco.

Lots of doves at the Plaza de San Francisco.

Panorama of historic center of Quito

Panorama of historic center of Quito

Panorama from the basilica.

Panorama from the basilica.

The gang in the basilica :)

The gang in the basilica :) Me, Danna, Nancy and Erick

I came back home around 18, hanged out with Bogar, and then we went to a birthday party at bogars friends house close to the historical center. And wow!!! Such an experience. I’m amazed about how good they all dance, they have it in their body! I’m so damn jealous. I’m like a statue!

Bogar had said to me before that no couchsurfer leaves before they have tried salsa, and when he invited me, I got like all sweaty and tense and red and cramped and panic… I always get like this when people ask me to dance with them here, and I started to think why the hell am I reacting like this? I know it’s because I can’t dance this, and I don’t want people to see how bad I am. But why should I care if I embarrass myself or what people think of my dancing? So… I took a deep breath, and got up on the floor! And I learned the basics of salsa and merengue! And it was fun! But soooo difficult!!! Haha. Yet I actually got some compliments that I was a lot better than other Europeans or americans that try salsa for the first time ;) Haha.

And oh, all of Bogars friends are so nice and sweat! But the dancing.. damn it, it’s so sensual! The reggeton I mean.. I got a little bit familiar with it on youtube in mexico, haha, but I hadn’t seen it like this… it looks exactly like 2-3 am in the morning in Sweden when the discos are closing and the ones that have hooked up for the night are dancing erotic and warming up each other for the night…. The difference here is that it’s totally normal, the boyfriend dances with another girl, the girlfriend with another boy, or girls with girls, even boys with boys (well, these people are really good friends, haha).. and no harm! It’s just for fun, they all laugh, it’s a dance, not something sexual.

Dancing reggeton :)

Dancing reggeton :)

I, who didn’t understand the meaning of the music of reggeaton at all, found it totally…. Monotone and really bad, have started to like it a lot! Now when I listen to the music, I see the dance, and totally get it! Weird!

Oh, another thing I found fine here, is that here at the party, they had like this bucket with Mojito, who everybody drinks from. Then when it’s finished, they gather in some dollars from everyone, and go to the store to buy more.. and so on. Not as egoistic as in Sweden so to say. Everybody gets as drunk as everyone else, haha. Also, they start really early!! Mainly it’s illegal to buy or drink alcohol here after 12 am, so you can’t buy alcohol, neither in the stores or at the discos! But of course they know the loopholes and which stores appear to be close but aren’t… haha. : )

Ecuatorian home party. Mojito!

Ecuatorian home party. Mojito!

Anyhow. Since I was going up around 7 am, we had an early night. Still I had lots of fun! I’m so glad I had the chance to experience a typical Ecuadorian home party! :)



3 tankar om “I LOVE QUITO!

  1. Party party !!
    Fun that you always run in to so many people all the time. Wonder how many youth are out there makeing their tour?

  2. it´s wonderful to see that you liked a lot Ecuador, is very interesting to see the point of view of others of Quito, My country has so much to offer, food, good pleople, party and party (alcohol) jaja salsa regueton..!! don´t worry you are not the only one who doesn´t understand this music…. , hope you have another chance to come here you have a lot of good friends here !! take care and great blog … !

    Suerte en todo tu viaje,, un abrazo desde Quito Ecuador..!!

    • Gracias Erick!! Me ha alegrado mucho tu comentario! No habia planeado que me gustara tanto Ecuador, tendre que volver!! ahora en galapagos estoy practicando el baile jaja a ver si aprendo ya! jejej. Saluda a todos y aver si nos vemos por otra parte del mundo antes de que vuelva! Saludos!


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