Leaving Mexico – how I feel and what I’ve learnt so far

DF - mexico city - from the airplane.

DF – mexico city – from the airplane. This is where it all started.


Right now I’m sitting on the airplane on my way to Lima in Peru, but I’m heading for Quito in Ecuador, but there are no cheap direct flights there so… One night in Lima, yay! I hope to find a hostal or something instead of being 12 hours in the airport. We’ll see.

I left Isla Mujeres this morning at 9.40. At the ferry I met two guys who also were going to the ADO bus station to take the bus to the airport, so we shared taxi, 20 pesos each.

I feel empty. I haven’t really stopped to think so much what I’m leaving because if I do I will start crying. I have to look forward, to think about that I still have 150 days left of my trip, 75%.. and I will have lots of fun.  This morning I had to say goodbye to Duilio too, his airplane leaves this night. Yesterday, just the thought of never see him again, made me spear some tears. I’ll be visiting Argentina probably in July after Bolivia but before Brazil. Of course everything can happen until then, it’s still around 4 months left, but it’s easier to say “see you in july!” then saying good bye as if we would never see each other again.  We will see in July, how it goes, and not until then decide about our future.

Dandome un besito con mi niño..

Dandome un besito con mi niño..

So… yes, I’m sorry I failed everyone’s advice about not falling in love on the other side of the world…

We have learned some things along the way.
This are some of them:

Always go to the doctor directly– it’s cheap and worth it, it will save you money and time in the end. Don’t self medicate yourself, you buy wrong medicine that can do it worse and it takes longer time to heel.

– Don’t have everything planned, you might want to change some plans along the way – i definitively would have stayed longer in mexico in some places if I hadn’t had my ticket to ecuador booked already

– There is always a second option, no matter what. Don’t go for the first.

– Always ask the locals where to eat – you’ll find the best places, good but cheap and not touristic!

– Oh, and there is a lot of good vegetarian Mexican food! Just be sure to ask if there isn’t any meat in! I forgot to ask last time when I ordered a lime soup and it came with fish, Duilio loved it, haha.

– Don’t book a hostel or hotel before your arrival!! There are plenty more then what internet says, a lot of posadas (like an older cute woman that rents out some rooms) and other apartments that aren’t on the internet.. Often much more economical!! And there is always place, when webpages like hotels.com or something says everything is booked. you can find other cheaper places that aren’t announced there.

– You can always bargain. I have had an mayan calendar from 550 pesos down to 200. My eyeglasses from 260 to 130. I could have had it for 100 but I felt too bad. Haha.

– Remember that there is always a cheaper choice. What costs in one place 100 pesos costs 50 in another.  The question is it’s worth it. If you have time, search the area for the best prices and compare. I generally got much better price or better tour etc when I did some research on place. There is also cheaper transportation, like minivans or second class companies instead of the ADO bus-lines… But if I’m going from a city to another with my backpack and stuff, I prefer to travel safe then cheap. But everything else, not ;)

– If you ask for directions here in Mexico – don’t rely on them truly. Mexicans want to seem as if they know, so they will tell you even if they aren’t sure… “yes, it’s four squares ahead and two squares to the left”… when you are there, you ask someone else for the place.. “oh, it’s 2 squares to the right and 2 squares right”… you will need to ask generally about 3-4 times before you find the right place.

Well.. that’s about what I had to say right now!
Do you have any tips?

Until next!


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