Good morning from the airport in Lima


Somewhere close to Acapulco. From the airplane.

Somewhere close to Acapulco. From the airplane.

I arrived around 2 am this morning here with the thought of going to a close by hostel since my flight isn’t leaving until 1 pm next day, but apparently if you want to go out of the airport when there’s a connection flight the cost is around 33 USD, plus the cost of the room, around 25 USD, so… I slept at some benches here at the airport. I’m soooo glad I brought with me the blanket from the airplane!!!!!  It doesn’t feel that naked either when you know people are passing by. Still I had a really bad sleep for around 5 hours, wakening up to change position at least once an hour. Now I’m charging my computer and my cell. I don’t have any reception here with my Mexican number, to bad, because I had some saldo left which I thought I could use up but no… 

The worst thing to be stuck at the airport for so long is that everything is expensive.. haha. In Cancun one bottle of water costed 60 pesos!!!! The iced tee only 35.. so I bought that and some cookies. At least they gave me dinner on the flight to Lima because I was really hungry since I only had eaten breakfast. Here in Lima a sandwich costs 7 USD and water 3 USD… since it’s only 7.30 in the morning I will wait a little longer and have a breakfast/lunch later.

Now I’m going to fix som pics and then try to find some internet here, let’s hope it’s not tooooooooo expensive!

Do I speak to much about the costs of everything? I think so.

P.S I’m now eating breakfast for 13 USD. I thought it was expensive but I have to remember to think as a Swedish sometimes, then it’s actually quite cheap for coffee, juice, bread and eggs! Haha. Yeah. I have to be able to allow me to spend some money sometimes…

Breakfast in the airport of Lima.

Breakfast in the airport of Lima.


2 tankar på “Good morning from the airport in Lima

  1. I bought a banana at the Cancun airport and it was expensive! I was surprised to learn that airport food in Latin American countries are the similarly priced in U.S. dollars.

  2. Ja gumman ekonomisk har du alltid varit och prismedveten, men som du säger du måste unna dig stt spendera då och då.


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