Scuba diving and raining in Isla Mujeres


I don’t know what that came from, it’s getting messy in my head now with all the languages.

So I went out scuba diving at the reefs here in Isla Mujeres on Tuesday. When we were going out, we had to wait around one hour for the boat that was going to take us because the ferry with the gasoline had broken so the boat had to leave to another island to get gasoline.. haha, it’s always happening something when I go diving! Also, it was good weather when we left, but when we came back it was raining A LOT! Haha.

coral reefs in isla mujeres

coral reefs in isla mujeres

Divers and fish

Divers and fish

This time it was a small group, the dive master, an American guy and one guy from Paraguay. The American had 10 years of experience, but the Paraguayan  wasn’t certificated, only had some lessons before.. weird. But we were only 10 meters under the sea so it wasn’t that difficult. I can’t compare this to Cozumel, because that was magical.. but I saw lots of more fishes here, hundreds and hundreds everywhere! And I saw a turtle again, so cute :) We did 2 dives, around 1 hour each..

I got up with 1500 bars left in air, the new guy had to ascend about 15-20 minutes before because he had around 500 left. It’s funny because it makes me feel experiences even if I only have some hours of total amount of dive time.. haha.

Tortuga! :) a turtle eating in isla mujeres

Tortuga! :) a turtle eating

extremely many fishes!

extremely many fishes!

By the way, I have problems with my camera underwater… it started to zoom itself in all the time and I wasn’t able to zoom out.. Then when I recorded a video I wasn’t able to quit it.. etc etc. I don’t know what’s wrong.. but I think there is some manufacture problems.. I hope they don’t get worse, because I can’t send the camera somewhere or get a new one send back to me now while traveling!

So.. When coming back to the island it was really raining heavily. It was fun to walk around with wetsuit without problem when everybody was hiding from the rain, haha. It kept raining the whole day.

storm coming, lots of rain!

storm coming to isla mujeres!

You can't really see on this pic but it's raining a lot here :)

You can’t really see on this pic but it’s raining a lot here :)

 I also had problems with my eye, it was all red and irritated, hurt by light, and it cried all the time (thanks to the rain you couldn’t notice though but it hurt anyways).. I went to the pharmacy to buy some eye drops for it, 40 pesos… then I slept a long siesta, but when I woke up it was the same or worse.. all swollen too.. so we went out in the rain to the medical center. It costed 50 pesos to go to the doctor.

First, the nurses received me out in the open where the other patients where, and I had to weigh myself, see my high, they tried my heart beat, listened to my lungs etc… weird. Then I waited a bit for the doctor to receive me in her room. She sad I had conjugitis – like eye infection, she wrote a prescription for me to get at the pharmacy, like 25 pesos.. so it was cheaper than the other ones, haha. Haha, one funny thing is, that when the doctor was going to light my eye to see how it looked like, she used the lamp on her iphone.. haha. Not much medical equipment here!

So I had to take the eye drops every 6 hours for 4 or 5 days.. and after 2 sessions, I was already better! I was able to see again, hallelujah :) Haha.

Still, since it was raining, we didn’t do much more that day more than eat dinner, drink mate, and have fun in the rain. :)

It’s a pity we didn’t do the tour to isla contoy – we really wanted that on Wednesday  but since it was a chance it was going to rain, we didn’t want to pay 700 pesos for a rainy island trip… but when we woke up it was all sunny and beautiful and we went down to the beach, walked around half the island (it’s very small, 7 km the long side and 1 km the short side). Beaaaautiiifuuuul!! We stayed to see the sunset too.. amazing. Very good vibe here, as I said before!

Panorama over the rocks and the beach

Panorama over the rocks and the beach

Sunset and some fishermen

Sunset and some fishermen



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