Chichen Itza and last days in Merida

Sorry for bad update!

So.. Tuesday I went to chichen itza. I took the ADO bus in the morning, costed 120 pesos to chichen itza. There are tours  that take you there for around 425 pesos too, but you have to pay the entrance fee too, so it would be a total over 600 pesos anyways.  When I arrived it was reaaally hot there. I walked around for a couple of hours before Duilio met me up. While I was alone, a lot of people started talking to me, both artisans and guides, but without asking for anything, it’s wierd. When someone like that approaches me, I’m sure he is going to try to sell me a tour or something, but no, they were only making conversation. Amazing.

Panorama view of Chichen Itza

Panorama view of Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza was one of the largest Maya cities. It was named as a Unesco world heritage site at 2007. This site has around 5 square kilometres of ruins, so it was quite big to walk around! I found it disappointing that you couldn’t  climb the temples or walk inside the chambers.. Compared to Tikal or Palenque where you could walk inside their temples, this felt much more distanced. Still its mighty impressive because the multitude of architectural styles.

Lot's of stands to buy beautiful things from!

Lot’s of stands to buy beautiful things from!


Me in front of the Kukulcan temple

Me in front of the Kukulcan temple

Oh, and they have so many market places in Chichen itza! And so good vendors. I managed to buy to quite big things, so now I need to send it home by package.

We left the park around 16.30 and had some expensive nachos at their restaurant before taking the second class bus home (oriental), which is cheaper than ADO, but takes longer time. This one stops in eeevery little village. But since it only costed 77 pesos, we took it on our way back. :)

Sharing some nachos in Chichen Itza, the cheapest we could find on the menu ;)

Sharing some nachos in Chichen Itza, the cheapest we could find on the menu ;)

Next day, I went in to Merida to try to find a bikini. And it’s damn impossible!! OMG! By the way, it’s not called bikini here, but bathing suit. Anyhow, in the stores, they have like 3 or 4 options, and whats popular now is to have more like a dress then a bikini, so it was really difficult to find a regular one. Also, you can’t choose different lower and higher parts, so they must have the same size, which also makes it difficult since I have a bigger ass then boobies. In every store, I asked if they had bikinis, and they showed me another store ”in that corner, two squares down, its called bla bla”, I got there, and got redirected to another place… and so on for 4 hours, until I finally found one that was a regular bikini, not pink but blue, and quite new. I had found one ok before but it had been there for years so it was misscoloured and also it felt like it would break if I use it once because the fabric got old. Anyhow.

Having icecream in the main plaza, yuuummi!! But very expensive!

Having icecream in the main plaza, yuuummi!! But very expe

I met up with Francisco (the guy from chile I went to Guatemala with). He has on the same time I did guatemala – merida been to guatemala, palenque, san cristobal and then merida. Haha. We had some ice cream and talked about the future trip and decided to go together to holbox. Apparently they didn’t have any buses in the morning as it was written on the internet, but only 23.30 at night, so we bought or tickets to his night. Then I went home and packed my things and said by to Efraim, my host, who was organizing a bike-thing at night and had to leave earlier. I was supposed to go on that but since the bus left only at night… I missed it :(

The family I’m staying with are the sweeeeatest and most adorable ones I’ve ever met. They drove me to the bus station and the sister wanted to have a picture with me on her cell, so sweet. This morning, since I was sleeping a little bit longer, the mother woke me up just to say that she had left some eggs, coffee and bread for me in the kitchen. Ahhh. So sweet. Yesterday I also had enchiladas for breakfast and the day before hotcakes. It is such a luxury to have someone making breakfast for you!!! And when I was leaving, the father kept saying that I was welcome back at any time and that their house is my house. Such a sweet family. Everyone. Really. I wish I could have spent more time with them!!!

Some of the members in the Herrera family who hosted me, soo sweet!!!

Some of the members in the Herrera family who hosted me, soo sweet!!!

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