Merida – sunday afternoon and lovely cenotes

I arrived in Merida around 7 in the morning on sunday and visited a café called Café Pop, which I had read about in wikitravel. They were very sweet and had great breakfast. After a couple of hours surfing and doing some sudoku, I went out walking with my backpack. I wasn’t going to meet up my host until night, so I had to walk around in town with my stuff.
It is an extremely calm city and so clean too! I went by the tourism office and they gave me a magazine with a map, and told me that today they have traditional dances and other performances in the main square since its sunday, so actually I stayed there all day.

Dances in the main square, here are the woman with local clothes

Dances in the main square, here are the woman with local clothes

Later around 2 pm, Duilio came by, so cute. He doesn’t have a phone with him, so he was looking for me old fashion way in the plaza, haha. We managed to find each other (he called from a phone booth to ask me where I was). We walked a little bit but mostly we just sat on a bench looking at everybody. Merida feels much more european than the rest of mexico (Duilio says it’s more alike Argentina too then the rest of mexico). Everyone here is so civilized and well-dressed. We both felt under dressed with our t-shirts haha. And there are no beggars or vendors here as in every other city either!! So weird. Also that was something I noticed in Guatemala. In all the other cities in Mexico, almost every 5 minutes there is someone asking if you want to buy their handcrafts, bananas, clothes or just give them some money..

Anyways. I really like Merida!

Around 20.30 I met Efraim in the main plaza and went to his house. He lives with his parents and siblings, a brother, 21 years old, and a sister, 15 years old. Such a nice house and family! I share room with Efraim and his brother, and I sleep in a bed while they both sleep in a hammock on each side of the bed. They never use the bed for sleeping, more like a table. Haha.

Me and my host went out and bought some panucho and salbute for dinner, typical from Merida. And delicious!!

Me and my host Efraim went out and bought some panucho and salbute for dinner, typical from Merida. And delicious!!

Next day, me and my host Efraim went to Cuzama, about 1,5 hours from Merida. We took a colectivo bus that costed 20 pesos that leaves close to the Noreste bus station. We both slept the whole trip there. When we arrived at Chunkánan (the small city) there are motorcycle taxis there that drives you to the start of the cenote-trip. It also costs 20 pesos. Then you change to what they call truck, it’s a type of cart pulled by a horse on a railway that once used to transport workers to an hacienda that is ruined now.

The trucks driven by horses on railways

The trucks driven by horses on railways

At first, the administrator guy said it would cost 300 pesos per truck, so we said we would wait for two other people who were traveling alone so that we could share the fee with them. We found a couple and shared the truck with them, and then the guy said we still should pay 250 pesos for us two, and the other couple another 250, a total amount of 500 pesos. We disagreed and said no, that’s stupid. Gaah I hate when they try to do this because they see there are tourists. But I was the only tourist there, the other three are from Merida! Also, a month before, the couple we shared truck with had done this trip too and then it costed 200 pesos.. haha. And in the beginning he said 300 to us… So be aware! At the end, we only had to pay 250 pesos for all of us, which is the normal price. :)

The trip was amazing!! The cenotes are crystal clear, really blue and beautiful. A cenote is a deep natural pit or sinkhole, and are very common here in the Yucatan area of Mexico. It is a result of a collapse of limestone  bedrock that exposes the groundwater underneath.

The first cenote, so beautiful.

The first cenote, so beautiful.

This cenote trips visits 3 different cenotes along a 9 km railway, called Chelentun, Chansinic’che and Bolonchoojol. The first cenote we visited was quite open to the air and easy to access. The second we visited was actually the third cenote, and it’s the most difficult to access because it’s really narrow, just some wooden ladder that disappears down below ground. Inside there it was all really dark but it was very beautiful. The third cenote we visited was very big and open too. Blue clear water, cool rock formations..

In the truck between the cenotes :)

In the truck between the cenotes :)


The second cenote, do you see the stairs you have to take to get there?? You can't be fat to go through there!

The second cenote, do you see the stairs you have to take to get there?? You can’t be fat to go through there!

Bathing! :)

Bathing! :) at the third cenote

Oh, by the way, along the 9km way a truck drove by me with the german people I met at Puerto Escondido, that where on the same surf school as me! Sooo weird! I mean, what’s the coincidence of us being at the exact same spot in the same time in another city? Mexico is SO big! Haha. We were really surprised! We only managed to scream hi to each other because we were going in different directions, but anyways, the world is little!

On our way home we where hungry but they didn’t have anything in the town where you could eat! The marked was closing (only open eating hours, not at 15.30), so we had to take the collectivo back to Merida first. We managed to buy some cookies though, the only thing they sold there, so weird. Back here, we ate at a Dafnis, a place who made really good nutritive food, not fried things and stuff like that. :)

Tomorrow, time to go to Chichen Itza!

2 tankar på “Merida – sunday afternoon and lovely cenotes

  1. Love Merida! But missed the Cenotes (maybe because we traveled with a 1.5 year old!), but you should always leave something to come back to! Great travel tip-advice Sofia!!


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