Las cruces and back to Palenque

So, after the quick visit to Guatemala is was time to head back home.
I slept the whole trip almost. In a veeery uncomfortable mini van and later tourist bus, both without headrests, but still, I managed to sleep. Francisco was surprised, me too. Haha. The trip back was quite quick, on our way here we left at 6am and arrived at 17, now we left at 5am and arrived at 14. Haha. But on our way here they made plenty of stops, sometimes without reason.. haha. No hurry at all!

It costs 265 quetzals to go to Palenque, but 350 pesos to go to Flores, haha, weird.
We had to pay 40 quetzals in the border again, but not the 295 pesos, that’s only for leaving mexico, so when I leave for Ecuador I’ll have to pay that.

Here are some pictures from a town called Las Cruces where we had a little break. Just after this town, the asphalt ends and the bumpy road starts. :)

Colectivo at Las Cruces, Guatemala

Colectivo at Las Cruces, Guatemala

Dog pooping. :) And the cute small moto-taxis. :)

Dog pooping. :) And the cute small moto-taxis. :)

Funny thing too, at the border, I had to act as a translator between spanish and english, it was funny because I helped a Polish guy at first, and then when I was filling in my forms outside the desk, the guy from the office went out to get me and asked me if I could come to the desk to translate some information into english. :)

They go down to the river to watch their clothes.

In the river between Guatemala and Mexico. They go down to the river to watch their clothes.

Back to Palenque I took Francisco and Esteban (I call him that but it was a polish name) to the tacos place, haha, third time I’m there! But it’s so good and so cheap and so many vegetarian options! :D Don’t miss this place out, it’s called El Caracol Del Jade, and it’s on the other side of the tourism office in the main square of Palenque.

At El Caracol de Jade.

At El Caracol de Jade, with my tascalate and huerfanitos :)


El caracol de Jade! Cheap good food in Palenque :)

El caracol de Jade! Cheap good food in Palenque :)

This time I had huerfanitos, and also 1 vegetarian taco, hehe. To drink I had Tascalate, it tastes exactly like polvoron, the typical spanish christmas candy.

At night, I hanged out some with Gino and Raul, had some dinner and helped him to put some pictures at his Facebook and couchsurfing profile.  At 23 I took the night bus to Merida, where I’m now sitting at a café having breakfast. :)


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