Tikal and Flores

Watching the sunrise in Tikal..

Watching the sunrise in Tikal..

So this morning we went on a sunrise-tour to Tikal. They picked us up at our hostal at 3 am and drove us to Tikal, about 64 km southwest from Flores. When we arrived it was all dark and closed, we wandered in the forest with our flash lights and had a guided tour of some stones, but we could only imagine where the pyramids where.  Our guide, Able, also called the monkey-man, can make some really cool noises very alike the monkeys, so he woke the whole forest up for us while walking there at night, and it truly sounded like we where in Jurassic park, very weird high monkey sounds from everywhere! Later, he took us to the highest pyramid where we could watch the sunrise over the other 3 big pyramids. But unfortunately this morning it was all cloudy, so we only saw the sky getting more clear and clear. Nothing special.

Also, this sunrise thing costs 100 quetzal more. The entrance fee to the park is 150 quetzal (around 150 SEK / 20 USD) but for sunrise there is yet another fee of 100 quetzal, but it’s not sure it’s going to be magical… for us, we could have come around 7 or 8 instead of 3 in the morning. We would have saved 100 quetzal and also we would have eaten breakfast and had some more sleep, because when it was around 9 in the morning, we were really hungry and tired.

Anyhow, Tikal is magic. It’s one of the biggest mayan archeological sites, and Tikal was also one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya.
The city has been completely mapped and covered an area greater than 16 square kilometres that includes about 3000 structures! So the park is huge. I’m glad we had a guide showing us the places because we would have lost ourselves in that jungle. It’s soooo big, and there are temples a little bit everywhere, some bigger then others. And the wildlife is amazing!! You see monkeys, raccoons, lots of beautiful birds… and the fauna is beautiful to. :)

Lots of rakoons!

Lots of rakoons!

Walking in the jungle... so many roots!

Walking in the jungle… so many roots!

Beautiful "birds"!

Beautiful ”birds”!

Panorama tikal

Panorama tikal. You can se lot’s of great temples and pyramids here.

We went home to Flores for lunch and had some siesta, then walked around and ate lunch and bought some souvenirs. Then the rain started, so we walked around in our ponchos looking funny and getting wet :)

I ordered a potato and carrot soup, and they made it this beautiful! It was great too!

I ordered a potato and carrot soup, and they made it this beautiful! It was great too!

Flores is a town in Petén, it’s on an island on Lago Petén Itza. Very quiet and peaceful here, probably one of the safest places in the north. It’s very colonial, charmful cobblestone streets. The island is very small, it takes less than one hour to walk around the whole island. So we meet the same people we got to know on our way here from Palenque when we walk around.
I also met the two Scandinavians, Carina and Markus, here. We didn’t have the chance to say goodbye in Palenque, so it was fun to find them here since they left a couple of days ahead of me.  :)

Later we went out to eat dinner, I only had 12 quetzal left, but Francisco lended me some because my meal costed 20 quetzals. We ate at the cheapest place we could find, but it was good food! We are really broke, counting our quetzals, because since we aren’t traveling around more here in Guatemala we don’t want to take out any more money from the bank, we are leaving tomorrow..

Raining in Flores. A couple is going home with their canoe to the other island.

Raining in Flores. A couple is going home with their canoe to the other island.

Generally, Guatemala is much more expensive than Mexico. Everybody said it would be cheaper but no it’s not, I would say it costs the double. I mean, you can get tricked by that costs the same, like if  tacos costs 15 pesos in mexico, it costs 15 quetzals here, but, 15 quetzals are about 30 pesos, so it’s really the double.

Have to go now!!!

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  1. Tikal is the Mayan capital. Thank you for letting us know about the sunrise tour. I’ll have to put that on my list. I’m going to Guatemala in April, but not in this area. It’s good to have an idea of the costs and conversion.

    • You are welcome as always :) but as I said, the sunrise tour would have been great if there was a sunrise, but since it was cloudy it wasn’t really worth it :/
      Hope you enjoy it whenever you go and visit :)


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