Visit to Guatemala


So.. I just arrived at Flores in Guatemala. It’s quite close to Palenque, but not so cheap though. The agency sells you the ticket for 350 pesos, which is nothing, but at the border, you have to pay 295 pesos for leaving Mexico and 40 quetzals for entering Guatemala. Then you have to do the same route on the way back too, which sucks. Wish they could have told me before.. But nobody who where crossing knew that… Guess that’s why it’s so cheap and attracts people to go here.. Anyhow!

Lanchas to guatemala

Lanchas to guatemala

The driver of the boat in the lake between mexico and guatemala

The driver of the boat in the lake between mexico and guatemala

The first bus ride was in a mini-van, then we took a boat over the river for about 40 minutes, and later another bus to get to flores. The last bus was really bumpy, but since I went to sleep around 2.30 and woke up 5.20 to go to Guatemala, I slept like a baby. I woke up when we started to go on a good road, because everybody in the bus started applauding haha.

The bus we went with for 5 hours on the bumpy road...

The bus we went with for 5 hours on the bumpy road…

I met a guy from Chile, Francisco, on the way from Palenque, and we are both going the exact same route and amount of time to see Tikal. It’s always funny to travel solo because you meet other people who travel alone and you make your plans together. So we bought our tickets back to Palenque, and the ticket and the guide to Tikal tomorrow, we leave at 3 in the morning to see the sunrise over Tikal. We also share a room with separate beds at a hostal, because it’s cheaper if you are two, only 50 quetzals per person at night. We didn’t even talk about if we were going to share or not, it was like already understood because it was so much more expensive at the boarder then we already had thought and we talked about finding the cheapest hostal in Flores. This is ok standard, we have our own shower and bathroom in the room at least, haha.

Anyhow. Going to sleep now since it’s early morning tomorrow!


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