I’ve learnt how to relax in Puerto..



I’m lying here at my hammock that’s right outside my room. Ahhh. This is life. :)
I’m sad about leaving actually.  The days have just flown by once again.

I’ve spent some time with the two Mexican who was living here and taking lessons with me, Emiliano and Fausto, and they left today. Sadly. That is something I don’t like about traveling, having to say good byes to people, which you know you’ll probably won’t meet again. And also to say good-bye to places and cities.. Sure you can come back and visit, but I feel like I want to come back to all the places I’ve visited so far, which would mean that I need to do this trip again in the future.. ha ha ;)

So nice here. When I got here I really thought that time would pass by slowly, with only 2 hours of surf scheduled and no internet at home.. I downloaded like 5 episodes of different series when I was at the café with internet and I thought I would read out my book, but no, I haven’t had time for any of that. And I don’t know what I’ve done really, I guess just hanging out with people.. time just disappeared and this is now my last night here.

Last night, eating mexican snacks and candy. Really weird things, almost everything with chili.

Last night, eating mexican snacks and candy. Really weird things, almost everything with chili.

Breakfast at Morros with Emiliano, Oscar (surf teacher) and Fausto

Breakfast at Morros with Emiliano, Oscar (surf teacher) and Fausto

I have my last surf class tomorrow, then I’m going to do some laundry, pack my things up and then going in to the city to take out some cash to pay for the surf classes and I’m also.. heeey, something fell down on my hand, a poo! From the straw roof. I wonder what insect that was because it was quite big. Anyhow. I’m also going to send home some stuff I think, like a handbag, a pair of shoes, a short-sleeved shirt and other things I don’t think I’ll be using too much, and also some souvenirs that I bought. I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I have a collection of this snowball-thingy, but apparently there are no such thing here… So now I just buy small local art as souvenirs. :)

The beach house feels quite empty now, but actually to swedes arrived today! So weird to speak Swedish again, haha. They are also traveling for 6 months and blogging: http://2outofoffice.blogspot.com.

I just came back from dinner and some drinks around La Punta with them now.

We tried the thai-food place and later to a cool new bar called “El cangrejo inmortal” or something like that, it had really nice art work inside as decorations. :)

We talked a lot about the differences here and in being in Sweden, and what we miss about Sweden. These are some of my points in the list:

-High speed internet to back up pictures online… it takes forever here! Just surfing is ok though..
-Cheap mobile phone expenses, it’s expensive to send texts, call and use internet on the phone here.
-Stamps in supermarkets. Here you have to go to the main post office to get stamps.
-Clean homes without insects, I don’t mind it so much but in Sweden people would freak out if they knew they had like 100 ants, 20 spiders and some around the bed or the bathroom..

Dinner at the thai place. :)

Dinner at the thai place. :)


Right now I’m in bed, under the mosquito net. One thing I actually love about having my own room is to be able to lie almost naked under the mosquito net, haha. Also it is nice to have my things sort of unpacked. :) I’m glad I’ve met so nice people here at the Beach house, because I felt sort of alone in the beginning when I knew I didn’t have a host to take me under his/her wings and tell me about the place and what to do or to turn to when I have questions about how to get to places etc.. But people here are friendly and you share experiences with the other guests as well. But yes. I still love couchsurfing. :)



5 tankar på “I’ve learnt how to relax in Puerto..

  1. Minns när du var riktigt liten hur du redan då grät och var ledsen när någon flyttade eller från el barrio. Livet är ett enda långt avsked för oss alla, men också väldigt många härliga möten.

  2. Roligt att läsa din blogg! Hoppas du kom fram och att du kunde sova på bussen :)
    Glömde tipsa dig om Whatsapp, räcker med nätverk och att personen du vill skicka till också har appen.

    Synd att vi inte hann säga hej då, hoppas verkligen att du får en fortsatt härlig resa!!

    • Hej! Vad kul att ni hittade hit och kommenterade. Jag har whatsapp! Väldigt bra att ha om man vill ha lite småkontakt med sverige. :)
      Tack tack! Hoppas ni har det bra i värmen. Här är det väldigt kallt, sover med underställ och tjocktäcke nu :) Ska snart ta och ladda upp en av surfvideosarna tänkte jag.
      Tack detsamma! Ha det fint så hörs vi!


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