Daytrip to Masunte, Zipolite and Huatusco

Yesterday, saturday, I didn’t have any surf lessons because I went on a small excursion with some surfers from here. Jesús, one of the surf teachers, and his friends do this small trips to the beaches and cities close to Puerto like twice a month and had space over in their van so they picked me up like 8 in the morning.

We started at a beach called Masunte, everyone has told me to go there because its beautiful, and I really liked it a lot. We bathed there and stayed for an hour or something before heading to turtles museum there, quite funny touristy thing there.

Panorama misunte

Panorama misunte

bathing! woho. oh, and I'm like the tallest. hehe.

Bathing! woho. oh, and I’m like the tallest. hehehe.

at the turtles museum

at the turtles museum

Then we went to another beach called Zipolite, which actually is a nudist beach, but I only saw like 3 nude men. Haha. We sat at some hammocks and ”beds” that were hanging like hammocks, ate some nachos, enchiladas and slept a really good siesta.

Angelo and I had a chat before about our differences, like that I’ve never tried coconut directly from the coconut before (he was like ”whaaat?”), and he told me that he never touched snow (I was like ”whaaat?” haha, no, not really), but it’s weird that we have so different lives, what’s totally normal to one it’s completely exotic to the other.

There are always a lot of sellers passing by selling necklaces, clothes, hats, drinks etc. There was one coconut-seller, so Angelo bought me one, costed 10 or 15 pesos or something. We asked for some ice from the bar so it was cold, and it was delicious. So exotic! :) You eat the inside too. Angelo likes to eat it with lime, salt and chile. Tasted good :)

fixing the coconut! :) at zipolite beach.

fixing the coconut! :) at zipolite beach.

After the Zipolite beach, we went to Huatulco, which is a city about 2 hours from Puerto. We went to their beach and watched the sunset. It was meant for us to go to the cinema but they didn’t show anything good. We ate dinner in the center instead and then headed home. On our way we got stopped in a military area and they search all the van, our things  and us trying to find drugs or weapons. I think it’s good that they do that, but it’s  a weird feeling, because you sort of feel like a criminal even if you haven’t done anything, haha.

To get to huatulco beach you had to walk through here.. weird.. haha

To get to huatulco beach you had to walk through here.. weird.. haha

So cute. "laundry Chelita and her 10 grand sons." :)

So cute. ”laundry Chelita and her 10 grand sons.” :)

I got back home around 21.30, the others at the beach house had made a bbq which I missed. But we sat and talked and drank for a while before heading in to Zicatela to a place called Panorama. It was calm when we got there and we sat at some hammocks at the beach, but later it got really crowded. Later we changed to Bar Fly (or sky bar, or sky fly or something like that). Everyone from Panorama also went there. And later, we changed back again to Panorama when Bar Fly was about to close. They are both very cool places, really laid back, since this is the beach, a lot of people are walking around either in flip-flops or barefoot, have easy-going clothes (t-shirts and bath shorts or something is fine here). Yeah. I really like the feeling here, very much ”mañana mañana”. And also, everyone is soooo nice. Very talk active and really easy-going.


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