Trying to relax in Puerto..

Hi again :)

So, now that I don’t really do anything that is of a cultural interest, I find it hard to write a post about doing nothing in general. So this is mostly for my family and friends to know that I’m still alive ;)

In the beginning I was like nervous somehow because I have had some ”stressful” days, meaning with lots of activities, and now I come to a place where everyone just is. It’s so warm and sunny during the days that you can’t really do anything, and the time just passes by anyways.

So I have surf lessons either 7.30 AM or 4.00 PM. Rest of the time is just walking around, drinking smoothies, sleeping, reading a book, eating, hanging out. :) It’s a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere here, you feel like at home after one day, and start to say Hi to everybody. :)

The first night there were 3 german, 2 mexican and one australian girl here, and I surfed my first class with them, but it was their last day of classes and at the beach house.
The second day, two other mexican joined instead. And also there is a norwegian girl living here. But it’s very calm and cool here. Me and Emiliano went to a vegetarian/healthy restaurant here in La Punta that David (the surf master and the owner of Puerto Surf) had recommended. We ate falafel pita, really good! :)

Puerto Surf Beach House

Puerto Surf Beach House

La punta, Puerto Escondido

La punta, Puerto Escondido, where we surf

With the german guests

Last night with the german guests

Emiliano and me eating out at a veggie restaurant

Emiliano and me eating out at a veggie restaurant

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