I have eaten Chapulines! (Grasshoppers)

I must say, I haven’t slept so good in ages as I’ve done here. I don’t know why. The city itself is very laid back and calm, and I think I got it in me too. Also, I think it was because I did the tour the first day, I felt more relaxed and able to just walk around the other days.

Beautiful building, the theatre

Beautiful building, the theatre

The first thing I did was to buy my ticket to Puerto Escondido at the bus station, leaving 21.30. After that I went to the Zocalo and bought some souvenirs and postcards in the small market there. I sat in a café at the park just watching people. I don’t know what everybody does in the park, there were like hundreds of people just hanging out in the park. One funny thing I haven’t seen anywhere but in Mexico, is the shoe-wagons. They are like everywhere, in this park there are surely 20 of them, and people sit there to get their shoes clean.

Lots of shoe wagons everywhere

Lots of shoe wagons everywhere

By the way, yesterday I had shorts and short sleeved short, and today I had long sleeves and leggings under the shorts. Such a difference! Yesterday on my way from alejandros place to zocalo, about 10 taxis and cars made the beep beep to me and some of them asked me about my nationality. Today, no one did! Hurray! I’m hopefully looking more like a local today ;)

I was going to meet up Alejandro for lunch and planned to go to Santo Domingo-museum because I missed it yesterday, but Alejandro had to stay a little longer at work before lunch.  Me and Karim ate some chips with the salsa I bought in Teotihuacan, made of Xoconostle, which Karim never heard of before. So funny that it’s totally different food in all regions.. After lunch me and Alejandro went to the market and  the museum closes at 17, to bad! It’s supposed to be amazing.

alejandro lunch

Oaxaca is the district where you eat a lot! Haha, haven’t eaten so much and so good for a very long time. And it’s so funny to try new things!

Todays menu was:
Mememitas, guacamole with Chapulines and mole negro.

Chapulines - medium sized. This was my first try. And I did many more!

Chapulines – medium sized. This was my first try. And I did many more!

Chapulines are grasshoppers! Haha. Santiago and Chris asked me if I ate insects, and I was like laughing “eh, haha, what? “ and they asked again – “Do you eat insects?” I answered “Only when I bike and open the mouth”, and they said I had to try out eating Chapulines while being in Oaxaca because it’s typical here. I had the chance to do it yesterday, but they were really big and looked crunchy and I didn’t really feel like it, but today, Alejandro ordered in some in a smaller size, and I ate it! Not in the same amount as he, but I must have eaten at least 20-30 of them on my Mememita with guacamole. I didn’t really feel the taste so much to be honest because of the guacamole, but it was an experience. Who would have guessed that me, vegetarian since 14 years back, would eat some grasshoppers… haha.

Later he took me to the big market, where we drank Tejate, a typical drink that goes back to the azteks, they drank it to get lots of energy.

outside the big main market

outside the big main market

Inside the market

Inside the market

When he went back to work, I walked around there in the marked. I got a new handbag because the zip of mine is not really working, and also I got a bigger one to be able to bring a water bottle in it. The market was like a labyrinth with squares of everything from food, drink, chapulines, clothes, cosmetics, toys… soooo big, so cool.  I bought some sweets and a coffee too and I got back to the Santo Domingo church, and watched the sunset from there. It’s Alejandros favorite place to go to think.

Around 20 we met up at home again and exchanged some music.
Karim drove me to the bus station and I had my second farewell of lovely hosts.

I really had great days here. Karim and Alejandro are so sweet. Like really really sweet. I would never have enjoyed Oaxaca so much if it hadn’t been for them.


1 tanke på “I have eaten Chapulines! (Grasshoppers)

  1. Fantastiskt vilket bra sätt att komma in i det lokala livet när man couchsurfar. Glad för din skull.


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