My last day in Mexico City. :(
We took the morning quite calmly, went to the supermarket to buy some beverages and snacks, then Chris came and picked us up in his car to go to Xochimilco.

In Chris car. It's funny that the highways doesn't have any marks in the middle.

In Chris car. It’s funny that the highways doesn’t have any marks in the middle.

Xochimilco is a delegation of Mexico City, best known for its canals. They have boats called ”Trajineras” that a lot of tourists and local people use. They are colorfully painted with floral and have cute names. Our boats name was ”El principe del Amor” and ”Fabiola” (thanks Santi for freshing up my mind).

The trajineras have a long table and a lot of chairs, and people bring food and drinks and have parties on them. There are also other small boats floating around that can be attached to your trajinera, with a music band or with a food stand of quesadillas for example. We payed 600 pesos for a 2 hour boat ride around the 170 km of canals and the artificial islands called chinampas. This canal and chinampa system has made Xochimilco a World Heritage Site.


Trajineras in the canals of Xochimilco

So, 4 days in Mexico City feels to little. I could have stayed at least one more week just to hang out a little bit more with my host and to see more stuff.
But I have surf lessons in a couple of days, and I have to go to Oaxaca city first. Chris and Santiago drove me to the north bus station where I took the night bus to Oaxaca. Thank you sooo much for everything. I really loved to stay with you!

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