Vegetarian restaurant in Mexico City

So, I was walking from the historical center by one of the main shopping streets, Francisco Madero, between Plaza de La Constitución and Bellas Artes.

I don’t know why, but there are many jewelry and gold stores around this area. I would guess that I’ve seen at least 50 stores on this street. It’s quite weird though since nobody is walking around with jewelry or gold because of the risk of getting robbed.

Anyhow, while walking on this street, I happened to se this:


I was like whaaaaat! So I had to try it out.

It was great, and so cheap! The menu of the day only costs 75 mxn pesos (35 Sek), and includes drink, bread, a starter, desert, and 2 main courses. They also have a menu with lot of  others vegetarian mexican food to a very good price.


First plate, Fruit salad, water of fruits, and a cold soup of raisins and plums

Quelites al andaluz and Enchiladas morelianas

For second plate, Quelites al andaluz and Enchiladas morelianas

Desert, Tapioca

Desert, Tapioca

This are the direccions:
 Vegetariano y Dietético
Madero 56, Centro Historico, Del. Cuauhtemoc.
06000 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México
01 55 5521 6880

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