Mexico City


So I arrived well :) The flight was fun, I’ve never been in such a big plane before, there where like 300 people, and the first class had this sleeping boxes. We got pillows, blankets and even a tooth-brush haha. And everyone had their own ”tv” in the back of the person in front where you could choose to see news, tv-series, film, cartoons etc. So the 12 hours between London and Mexico City felt like nothing. Also I sat between some french people (who were going to make the same route as me but in 12 days!) and a mexican older couple who were adorable, they invited me to stay with them when I want and I got all their contact info. I also found out a lot about Mexico and about what food I should try to eat (that’s vegetarian) and so on. Very nice!

So what have I done? Well, I already got in the tourist-fell. When I got to the airport, I ordered a taxi and to where I was going it costed 380 mxn which I paid in their desk at the airport. (quite expensive). While being at the taxi, I changed the address to my hosts home instead of work, and the taxi had to stop to put on some gas. Then he asked me for 200 more pesos because the new address was further away, and I was way to afraid to say something about that. So, the taxi costed total 580 pesos for me, which according to Santiago shouldn’t have been even 300. But I got a quite luxurious car (more like a mini-van by myself) because I didn’t specify that I wanted a normal taxi, so already there they took advantage of me and made me pay more.

I’m sharing room here with a russian girl, Svetlana. She was supposed to have left before me but had some problems with finding another place so now we share bed. :) So I got to practice some russian :) My host Santiago sleeps in the sofa (apparently he always does that even when he doesn’t have any couchsurfers). He is really cool, very helpful with eeeverything, even if he is working a lot (like until after 12 at night) he still sends me texts asking how I am, where I am, and he answers my messages when I’m wondering how to get home from where I am.

So, when I got here on Wednesday I was kind of tired. It was like 9pm here but 5 am in my head. But even if I just slept like 6 hours (after being awake more than 24 hours), I woke up early and fine. I went to Perisur with Svetlana, like a mall close to where we live, and had some mexican breakfast. After, when she went to university (studies spanish) I went in to the city center with the metrobus. I started talking to a man who told me that here in mexico they can retire when they are 60 if they have worked for 30 years, he had 10 years left and later he was going to travel too. :) We talked for half an hour and he helped me to find my way to the historical center where I spent the whole day. I walked so much that I got a lots of blisters on my feet.. the first day. Bad. =/

I was quite afraid of getting robbed in the beginning, but later I noticed that it’s just as a normal big city. In the center, there is police eeeverywhere, so it feels quite safe.  All though I met a woman who asked me for money to because she had been robbed of all her things. She even found me twice, once at the Zocalo, and once in the Angel, and they are not that close to each other. In a city where 20 million of people live, how the hell do you manage to find each other twice in one day? Haha.

In front of the Angel, the "statue of liberty" of Mexico DF

In front of the Angel, the ”statue of liberty” of Mexico DF


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