Leaving for Mexico!



Mexico (Photo credit: robynejay)

So, my future entries will be in english so that both my swedish and spanish friends and family can read about what’s going on on the other side of the world. The only problem is that half of my spanish family doesn’t speak english (Andrea! Tienes que aprender!)…
I have no idea of what type of internet connection I will find overseas, so we’ll also have to see how often I can update. I will buy a mexican phone-card and maybe I’ll be able to surf from the phone, but I won’t be able to upload pics, so I’ll try to go to internet cafés or use my hosts internet now and then, mainly because I need to do a backup of my photos during the trip, in case my camera gets stolen or I drop it in the water or whatever.

Anyhow, if you wish to get a postcard from me (not from every country though!), please write me your address, either on facebook or mail soretnemra@gmail.com. You can always e-mail me if it’s something!

So… Time to go to the airport now. Carro is picking me up at 5. My flight leaves at 7.15 and I have to change flight in London. I’ll arrive in Mexico City 18.20, but it’s mexican time, so it would be around 00.20 Swedish/Spanish time. Mexico is -6 hours of time difference. So if you are thinking about calling me someday, please check the world clock before! :) All the countries I’m going to are 4-7 hours before Swedish/Spanish time.

And please write comments on my updates, it will be much funnier for me to write if I know someones reading :)

Byeeeee! See you soon!

Corto en español:
Teneís que aprender inglés!! He cambiado el idioma de este blog de Sueco a Ingles, para que toda mi familiy tenga la oportunidad de poder entender lo que escribo, pero claro, la mitad de mi familia no hablán ingles! Teneís que aprender!

Si quereís una postal, mandadme vuesta dirección a mi e-mail soretnemra@gmail.com, o en un mensaje del facebook. Intentaré comprarme una tarjeta de móvil en Mexico, así que alomejor tendré internet en el móvil, pero ya veremos. Si no, intentaré connectarme de vez en cuando para daros unas cuantas actualidades. :)

Y porfaa, deja commentarios en los posts que escribo, asi se que alguien los lee! Hasta luego!!!

Love you all!
Byeeeeee. Adiooooos. Hejdååååååå.

2 tankar på “Leaving for Mexico!

  1. Lycka till på din resa och hoppas du finner vad du söker. Älskar dig och längtar redan till juli. 😊


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