Updating you and the travel gear


For my MacBook Air 11″ (which I looove already), there aren’t many options for hard cases. There are plenty for bigger airs though.  The only good hard case that was available was this one – Hardcandy’s Bubble Sleeve.  I like that it’s water-resistant and also quite shock proof. You have also this red rubber things under the computer – to make it stay in place, the only problem I found is that if you open the case, the backside just falls down. I wanted it to stay tight to the computer screen so I can ”hide” my computer a little bit. So I just sue an elastic rubber tape on it. Now I’m happy!

Bubble sleeve modification

What else… I’ve bought almost all my stuff now, this is the last thing I got home. I’ve read about it on different forums and people say it works really good. Let’s hope so! It’s a multi-purpose soap, so you can use it as shampoo, or wash your clothes, your dishes or other dirty gear. I will mainly use it to wash up my underwear and my dishes when I’m having a lunchbox with me. :)

And I got my last vaccine, the second Dukoral, you drink it at home and it’s against cholera and tourist diarrhea (not so fresh, no). So now I’m ready for everything! Haha.

Wilderness wash

Wilderness wash







Oh, and If I haven’t told you yet, I have booked and payed for both the surf lessons and the padi open water-course, and hostels to both places (Puerto Escondido and Cozumel). Since I’ll be busy most of the day with these things it didn’t feel right to Couchsurf really. Also, I’ll see this as some sort of mini-vacation :)

Until next!

2 tankar på “Updating you and the travel gear

  1. Nice computer! I have the 15″ that I’m thinking of downsizing to. I have used the wilderness wash and it’s a great product. I would recommend one 3 oz bottle for a couple weeks depending on how much laundry you do and baths you take. ;) The stuff is concentrated so you only need to use a little. I brought one with me to Colombia for a 18 day trip and I used it for everything, but wish I had two bottles.

    • 15″ is big! But at least it’s thin ;) I even think there’s a big difference between the 13″ and the 11″ when you compare them. I think 11″ is perfect for traveling, it fits in my quite small backpack (daypack) and really doesn’t weigh anything, but maybe it’s not the best for having at home (the 11″ doesn’t have fw-port, cd/dvd-player etc).
      I’m glad you liked it! I will not use it for baths, so hopefully it will last a little bit longer ;) But do you know if it’s easy to find along the way? Like in a travel shop or something. We’ll see for how long it will last. Probably not for 6-7 months. Hehe.


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