New camera, extra battery and SD-card

It’s just something special when something you have ordered has arrived. I do more and more often order stuff from the internet. If I need a normal pair of socks, I go to a store, but if it’s something a little bit rare that I’m looking for – I do research on the internet about it, compare products, read reviews, check youtube-videos and I compare prices on different sites where I can purchase it from. Usually it’s also cheaper to purchase it through the web then in the store, and very often that specific brand or product doesn’t have a retailer in my town, Stockholm.

Also, it’s a funnier way to shop. You go through more ”happy points” then buying it in a store. The first kick, is when you have decided what you want to purchase, and paid for it. Then, a couple of days later, when you either receive a e-mail, get a text message or get the avi in the mailbox, it’s another kick ”wooow, my products are here!”, the third one comes when you actually go and get your package, and the last and best one is of course when you open it at home. :)

Of course, there is also a back side, I have quite often had to return the product because it didn’t match my expectations or because it wasn’t my size. I’m sure many of you think that it’s a lot easier to just find it in a store, try it there, and if it fits, then when you leave the store with the product in your hand directly.

But for me, I prefer to have to deal with returning orders rather than walking around in different stores. When it matches your expectations or/and fits your size, then it’s truly a perfect match because it’s something you really want and not something you have just bought on an impulse or a ”I’ll take this because it’s the only ones I’ve found in the 3 stores I’ve been to”.

Anyhow, this time I bought light weight sandals and a waterproof camera and I’m very very happy. I’ll give you a reviews of my items in another post, another day.

The first ones I ordered didn’t match my expectations, but this ones certainly did!

3 tankar på “Package!

  1. Skickar du en något förminskad önskelista till oss ?
    Mormor skulle gärna vilja ha ett itenario också. Undrar om det heter något liknande på svenska? 😊


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