Recurring posts


Just wanted to tell you what you will find here in the future.
Except for normal updates, I will have some recurring posts:

  • A resume about the city/place – what to do, see, experience, what to avoid etc
  • A resume about the country –  the typical food, the currency, what things costs over there, how the locals are, some slang or useful phrases,the situation about vegetarian food etc.
  • Teach Learn Share – this post would be about something new I’ve discovered or learned and want to share with you. It can be anything from a knowledge, skill, recipe, place, anecdote, a useful word or maybe even a joke.
  • My hosts smultronställe – the lexicon translate the Swedish word ”smultronställe”  to ”lovely little spot” or ”hidden secret part” but since it to me sounds a little bit filthy, I choose to call the Swedish name, smultronställe (strawberry place). Anyhow, this post will be about a special place that my local host like a little bit more than other places.

Is there something more you would like me to write about?? Please comment!


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