Trying this video-thing…

Since I’ll be posting videos from the trip, I thought I’ll try  it out first.

I have created an account on Vimeo, where I will upload the videos . Apparently, since I have the free account, I have a waiting line for converting the video.. Only 15 minutes left now! (30 in the beginning). So.. now I know that I need plenty of time online next time I’ll try this!

I don’t have so many videos on my phone, this one is from work this summer in Sweden.
Let’s see if it gets embedded now.

YAY! It did.


Get your thumb out of your but!

dreams and wishes. 62/365Dear friends, co-workers, family and fellow readers,

Now that I have this 200 days of trip ahead of me a lot of people are saying ”You are so lucky!” and ”I wish I could do that too, but…”.

Believe me, I was one of you thinking, ”Someday, I want to travel around the world”. Well guess what? I only got 5 years older.

And the only thing I actually had to do, was to make up my mind, decide: I AM GOING TO DO THIS NOW! Once that was set, for real, I only had to decide when and where.

Making up your mind and really going for it is the hardest part. I have been saving some money since I was 16 to ”someday travel somewhere”. Of course, that account, was also my saving account, and during the years, I’ve had to use it for other purposes. Like when the car broke or when I had a water leakage in my bathroom so I had to renovate it from scratch.

Even if I’ve been saving for this for almost 9 years, I have the same amount of money today as I had 6 years ago. You will probably never think you have enough of money to travel, and maybe you don’t have enough right now, but once you decide that you are going away in 6 months, 1 year, or even 2 years, you will do everything in your power to save money for that adventure. It’s easier when you have a purpose. Start planning, budgeting, look through your economy to see where you can cut out some expenses.

If you don’t have a goal, you don’t have the same definiteness of saving money, and you will probably go and buy that sweater you saw at the window today that you don’t really need anyways.

Oh, and this applies to everything! Maybe you are thinking ”Someday I would like to be able to play the guitar”. Well, sorry for breaking this to you too, but you won’t just wake up one day and be a talented guitarist. You do have to put some time and effort in becoming one.

Sorry if I sound a little harsh. I just want you to take the first step, as I did. It’s amazing, promise.

So, what’s your dream and when will you do it for real?

Beach volley and moderating travel gear

This weekend went really fast.

On Friday after work and fencing training I just went home and fall asleep. Yesterday, Saturday I was with the fencing family the whole day, starting with indoor beach volley and later home-made pizza at Carros place. It was a great day, lot’s of fun, but it also shortens the weekend with a day where you can’t do anything on your list.

Today I managed to run some errands, the things you do on weekends your know, I picked up stuff, returned other stuff,  washed the dishes, bought groceries, made food, cleaned my home, worked some with Filmfamiljen and also, finally, I have a shelf in the bathroom! (Thank you Carro (other Carro then the first one) and Bertil once again!)

I picked up these today!

They are called GoToob, which seems to be the ”new thing”. It’s patented soft bottle, and I have read a lot of reviews of them before I purchased them. I was looking for a solid tube that doesn’t leak, I really don’t want to open my bag and find it full of liquids.
Haven’t been traveling with them yet, but I’ve filled them up, squeezed and shaken, and no leaking! And I love that it’s made of soft silicone so it’s easy to squeeze.

The smaller sizes I bought of 60 ml also have a suction cup. The bigger ones of 80 ml don’t (I guess it would be to heavy). In the bigger ones I’ll have the irreplaceable creams I need to bring (subscription from doctor), and the smaller ones with replaceable creams (shampoo etc).

The GoToob has a large opening so it’s really easy to fill it with substances from other bigger bottles. If you like me have taken body lotion in your hair instead of shampoo or conditioner, this travel bottle has the solution – a content indicator in the cap! It has an inner ring with content indicators like Lotion, Shamp. Cond. Sun. Soap and a free space to write your own content. It also has a special ”no-drip” valve helps the cap stay clean and fresh.

When I put the GoToobs in my toiletry bag, I noticed that when I had the bag open but not hanged up, the upper section gets upside down and one of the pockets (the one at the top) doesn’t have any zipper so the content falls out. So I sew some Velcro fastener there. Very proud of myself. Now it’s great. I really like this bag, it’s small but a lot of stuff fit’s in there! It’s from Snugpack and it’s called Essential Wash Bag Olive.

Don’t want to get embarrassed during my travels. Hehe. Now it’s much better!
So, a tips if you are about to travel long-term, try everything before you depart!  It’s better to find out what works and what doesn’t when you are at home.

Well. That’s the updates.
Until next!

What I’m planning on visiting

Hello again!

My mother commented that my grandmother wanted to know my itinerary. So cute!
Maybe it’s interesting for you to know where I’ll be blogging from too.

Since I’ll be away for almost 7 months, this itinerary will probably (and hopefully) change a bit, but this is what I have in mind now:

You can see the full map here.

Mexico city
Puerto Escondido
San Cristobal De Las Casas
Playa del Carmen
Isla Mujeres

Galapagos islands

Aucallama Huaral
Puerto Maldonaldo

La Paz
Villa Tunari

Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paolo


New camera, extra battery and SD-card

It’s just something special when something you have ordered has arrived. I do more and more often order stuff from the internet. If I need a normal pair of socks, I go to a store, but if it’s something a little bit rare that I’m looking for – I do research on the internet about it, compare products, read reviews, check youtube-videos and I compare prices on different sites where I can purchase it from. Usually it’s also cheaper to purchase it through the web then in the store, and very often that specific brand or product doesn’t have a retailer in my town, Stockholm.

Also, it’s a funnier way to shop. You go through more ”happy points” then buying it in a store. The first kick, is when you have decided what you want to purchase, and paid for it. Then, a couple of days later, when you either receive a e-mail, get a text message or get the avi in the mailbox, it’s another kick ”wooow, my products are here!”, the third one comes when you actually go and get your package, and the last and best one is of course when you open it at home. :)

Of course, there is also a back side, I have quite often had to return the product because it didn’t match my expectations or because it wasn’t my size. I’m sure many of you think that it’s a lot easier to just find it in a store, try it there, and if it fits, then when you leave the store with the product in your hand directly.

But for me, I prefer to have to deal with returning orders rather than walking around in different stores. When it matches your expectations or/and fits your size, then it’s truly a perfect match because it’s something you really want and not something you have just bought on an impulse or a ”I’ll take this because it’s the only ones I’ve found in the 3 stores I’ve been to”.

Anyhow, this time I bought light weight sandals and a waterproof camera and I’m very very happy. I’ll give you a reviews of my items in another post, another day.

The first ones I ordered didn’t match my expectations, but this ones certainly did!

My fears and worries

Counting down, 56 days to departure. I’m looking soooo much forward to it. Can’t stop thinking about it. But of course I do have some fears as well. Many of you have also asked me the same questions. So these are my worries and my thoughts about solutions.

vegetarian tempeh lettuce wraps

How am I going to survive over there as a vegetarian? Sweden is a quite good veggie-country, they always have a at least one vegetarian option in restaurants, and people are quite familiar with people being vegetarian (still, it’s quite boring to always have to eat the same vegetarian plate). While traveling I’ve always had problems. Like in Spain, very often I have to eat fried eggs and fries, because that’s the only vegetarian thing they have on the menu. Not even the salads are vegetarian. Now that I’ll be away for a long period, I can’t eat ”bad” food all the time. I will try buy food at the supermarket like all the time, mainly because I can’t afford eating at restaurants everyday, even if they had a veggie-option. Hopefully I will eat at least once in every city, inviting my CouchSurfing-host. I’ll update you about how it is to be a vegetarian in South America.

How am I going to be able to train while traveling? I’ve had problems with my back and with over weight before, and I since I’ll be traveling with my big backpack on the back, going on trekking excursions etc, I need to be in a good shape and be strong. I need to go for training at least 2-3 times a week.. I will try to do this: go out jogging (to see some beautiful sights), swimming (probably inside pool if there is one in that city) and doing strength training only working with my own body (so I can do it at ”home”).


What should I bring? I really don’t want to bring too much, but not to less, it’s always difficult to draw the line. I know I need a sleeping bag in Peru, but should I bring one during the first 2 months of my trip, or should I buy it when I need it, and then throw it away/give it away? I don’t know yet. But I think I’ll be bringing everything I need for 6 months, in ONE backpack. It has to fit in there. I want to be able to travel easily, be able to run to the bus if I need to without everything falling apart, haha. I will pack my bag over and over again before leaving. I’ll update you with a packing list, and later, what have worked and what has not.

Robbery not allowed

What if I get robbed? Surprise! South America isn’t as safe as in Sweden. Here it’s unusual that they even have weapons. I remember a conversation with another CouchSurfer from Argentina,and  he got really surprise that I’ve never been robbed with a weapon before. My camera and my phone has been stolen in different occasions, but by pocket picking, so I didn’t even notice it. I guess I prefer that sort of robbery. So what am I going to do to prevent it? First, I won’t be carrying around a big amount of money, so if there are thieves and they get 20 USD, then, what the heck. Also I have an undercover money belt and security pouches to have under my clothes.The biggest worry for me is to be robbed on my camera and all my pictures. So I’ll be backing up everything on-line as often as possible.  I’m aware of the common sense of traveling, if you aren’t, check this link about safe travel in South America from lonely planet. There are good tips there like try to not look like a tourist, more like a local, or a visitor. Walk with a purpose. Be aware of your surroundings all the times. Muggers look for people who look unaware. Stay alert.

Another big worry is of course, what happens if I get sick during my travel? I do have insurance though, but still I would miss out a lot if I got sick. I’ve taken all the vaccinations I need for the countries I’m visiting, and I recently had chicken pox, so now I don’t have to worry about that, haha. I also just got vaccine against this years flu. I will try to eat good food and eat extra vitamins and I’ll be listening to my body if I’m starting to get sick and need some rest.


What if I get tired? I don’t think I’ll get tired of traveling, but I’m worried I get tired of being social and ”on” all the time. I really have no idea of how it is to be on the move for 6 months meeting new people all the time and always have to present the best side of me. What if I need some time for myself to just do nothing? Go to sleep early, lie in a bed reading a book a whole day or sit by the computer uploading pictures and updating this blog. I don’t want to be impolite and I don’t want offend anyone, especially not my hosts from CouchSurfing. Let’s hope I get enough rest during the bus-trips!

I’m also worried about not be able to bring books with me, since I love reading. Maybe I can borrow one from a host while staying there. Oh, and another weird worry is, what if I’m having the time of my life and I don’t want to come back??? It’s very possible I will feel that. Well.. only future can tell!

Now I’ve shared some of my worries. Which are yours?

Actual costs for necessary travel preparations

This post is about the expenses you have to deal with before you even have left your home.

There are some things that is a must, like vaccinations, visa, insurance and the flight tickets. And it costs much more than you think!! I had NOT budgeted this much for vaccinations and insurance!

Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases, and I don’t want to ”challenge” my life because I want to save some money.
I’m taking vaccination to: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Typhoid, Malaria and Travelers diarrhea. I also took a shot for the flu (I don’t want to get the flu just when I’m about to travel, and it was the cheapest vaccination). The Rabies-vaccination isn’t always recommended, but since I’m going to volunteer with wild animals, I didn’t want to be one of the around 55.000 humans that die of rabies every year.
My vaccination costs will be around 750 USD.

A travel insurance is absolutely a must, it’s intended to cover medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers, and other losses incurred while traveling. My home insurance covers it up to 45 days, but after that I have to pay extra. I can either take it from my regular insurance company or choose another company, which I did, mainly because it was cheaper, and also because they are specialized in just travel insurances. I took it with Gouda, a swedish company. The cost for my planned trip for 6 months is 630 USD.

A visa generally gives non-citizens clearance to enter a country. Some countries do not require a visa, others have visas available at the border, but many countries require travelers to apply for a visa before leaving home. Luckily, I don’t need any for the countries I’m traveling to since I’m staying under 90 days in all the countries. The Galapagos islands does have an entrance fee of 100 USD though.

Flight tickets. I’m sure you have searched the web for the cheapest flight tickets, and maybe you found one really good. But before you purchase, be aware of the airfares and the conditions! The cheapest ones are usually non refundable and nontransferable. Some airlines let’s you reschedule your ticket for a hefty fee. My flight to Mexico is refundable up to the day I depart, but not on my way home from Brazil. Then I can reschedule for a fee of 285 USD, but at least I can do it, instead of buying a new ticket.

There are also different types of tickets, one-way, round trip, open jaw..
Buying a round trip ticket is usually cheaper than booking two one-way tickets. I’ve read that the airlines don’t particularly want travelers to fly one-way, as it upsets airline travel schedules. But if you like me want to fly to one country and home from another, a round trip-ticket isn’t an option. Then you can choose a open-jaw ticket (also called multi-destination), that means that you are arriving at one country or city and departing from another country or city. And they usually have the same prices as a round trip!

If you’re thinking about one-way ticket, have in mind that if you’re a tourist from ex. Europe or North America, when you go to check in for a one way flight you can be told you cannot board the flight unless you fork out for a return ticket.  But there are no problems with Open Jaw-tickets as long as you can prove that you have a return flight from another country!

I only have open-jaw tickets. :)

Recurring posts


Just wanted to tell you what you will find here in the future.
Except for normal updates, I will have some recurring posts:

  • A resume about the city/place – what to do, see, experience, what to avoid etc
  • A resume about the country –  the typical food, the currency, what things costs over there, how the locals are, some slang or useful phrases,the situation about vegetarian food etc.
  • Teach Learn Share – this post would be about something new I’ve discovered or learned and want to share with you. It can be anything from a knowledge, skill, recipe, place, anecdote, a useful word or maybe even a joke.
  • My hosts smultronställe – the lexicon translate the Swedish word ”smultronställe”  to ”lovely little spot” or ”hidden secret part” but since it to me sounds a little bit filthy, I choose to call the Swedish name, smultronställe (strawberry place). Anyhow, this post will be about a special place that my local host like a little bit more than other places.

Is there something more you would like me to write about?? Please comment!