Selling stuff

I don’t have many big news about the travel planning, I have being busy with work, fencing and in organizing everything about selling my old apartment, selling my car and finding a inherent for my current apartment.

I have more or less decided the route in Mexico. I have decided to skip bambas (a company that does all the bus bookings for you), mostly because they actually raised their prices and because I had time to check all the bus-trips between the cities (at and I will save around 2000 SEK (around 280 USD), doing it of my own. It doesn’t seem to difficult to do it either. I also looked up a surfing schools in Puerto Escondido, so hopefully I will learn to surf, yay!

I will soon start to send CouchSurfing requests for Mexico, probably to early now, but in a couple of weeks in the middle of november when it’s less then 2 months left, so I think it should be ok to send a request :)

Hm.. what more. Oh yeah, I’ve come up with a bucket list and it feels great. You can read it here. Why haven’t I started it earlier? It would have saved me lots of… I don’t know really, I think time being depressed and unmotivated. There is so much to do and see. Now I will always have something planned ahead to look forward too. :)

Bucket List word cloud #2

Bucket List word cloud #2 (Photo credit: mccmicb)


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